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Karan Bajaj, an Indian entrepreneur who teaches meditation and invites others to live a life away from the noise in his recent book, chases his startup’s most avid critic.

Bajaj, founder of the children’s programming platform WhiteHat Jr, filed a libel suit against Pradeep Poonia, an engineer who publicly criticized the company for its marketing tactics, quality of courses on the platform, and aggressive removal of such feedback.

In the lawsuit – in which Bajaj claims $ 2.6 million in damages – Poonia was charged with infringing trademarks and copyrights owned by WhiteHat Jr, defaming and disseminating misleading information about the startup and its founder, and accessing the communications app. private companies.

The lawsuit also accuses Poonia of publicly sharing the phone numbers of WhiteHat Jr employees and making strong allegations such as likening the startup’s marketing tactics to “child sexual abuse.”

But the lawsuit, rife with spelling and grammar errors, is also indicative of how little criticism WhiteHatJr, a startup owned by India’s second most valuable startup, Byju, is willing to accept.

According to internal posts from a WhiteHat Jr Slack channel shared by Poonia, the startup has aggressively used copyright protection to remove a lot of unflattering feedback about the startup in recent months.

The lawsuit also raises concern with Poonia accusing WhiteHat Jr of “killing” a fictional boy who featured in one of his early advertisements.

A 12-year-old boy named “Wolf Gupta” appeared in early WhiteHat Jr advertisements, which claimed the boy had gotten a lucrative job at Google. The boy does not exist, Bajaj lawyers say. Ironically, this was also the point that Poonia, who spent a lot of time trying to find more information about this guy, was making in her tweets.

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