Visual puzzles are any reasoning drawing or images that are solved by logic and science. These riddles tease and stimulate your mind and activate your analytical thinking pattern. You can’t apply the same rule to all brain-teasers, which makes them more excited.

Sometimes, you have to find a hidden object from several objects.  But sometimes, you need mathematical knowledge to solve them. Whatever the scenario is, you have to force your head to think deeply.

Here in the article, we are going to test your mind and scientific knowledge with an impressive visual riddle such as “Which coin touches the base first”. If you’re a puzzle lover, you should try your IQ score with Official IQ-providing sites.

The Puzzle

Which Coin Will Fall Faster? 5

Understanding the Image

There are two buckets of water in a given image. The question is, which coin placed into these buckets will touch the bottom first?

Image A: Bucket A is at 25 degrees C

Image B: Bucket B is at 25 Degrees F

Science Behind Puzzle

To solve this, you should know the concept of temperature, as well as the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

  1. Celsius (C)

    The Celsius scale is based on the freezing and boiling points of water.

    0 C Degrees  = Freezing Point

    100 C Degree = Boiling Point

  1. Fahrenheit (F)

    The Fahrenheit scale, on the other hand, is based on the freezing and boiling points of water and the average human body temperature.

    32 F Degrees = Freezing Point

    212 F Degrees = Boiling Point

  1. Density Concept

    Density is a measurement of a specific mass contained in a given volume. But with the liquid, composition, and temperature also have some effects. In simple words, as the temperature of an object increases, its density decreases and vice versa.  Let’s get back to the puzzle now!

Do You Know?
Puzzles are one of the therapeutic tools for autistic children.


As you have seen, two buckets at different temperatures. But now it is easy for you to find the situation.

The coin placed in the bucket at 25 degrees Celsius will touch the bottom first.

The coin in the bucket at 25 degrees Celsius (C) will touch the base first because 25 degrees Celsius is equivalent to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (F), which is warmer than 25 degrees Fahrenheit. You must remember that an object always sinks faster in warm water due to the lower density of the fluid.

On the other hand, bucket B at 25 (F) has high density because at this temperature water turns into ice. So, do you think a coin can touch the bottom? Big No.

So, in this riddle, you learn three basic concepts which also help in your daily life activities. If you want to play more puzzles, you should try official IQ test sites.

Why You Should Solve Puzzles

Why You Should Solve Puzzles
Which Coin Will Fall Faster? 6

According to research, people who do brain-teasers have sharp minds. They improve the functionality of the brain. Besides, such games keep you away from many types of mental diseases and disorders.

For instance, if you’re struggling with dementia, a crossword game can fix this problem within days and it is a proven fact.

games and puzzles market size,
Which Coin Will Fall Faster? 7

(This graph shows the insightful games and puzzles market size, with an expected CAGR of 11.8% during 2023-2030).

Many mental healthcare providers suggest puzzle and logical reasoning games to sharpen the brains of their subjects.

Besides, visual riddles also improve your cognitive abilities and problem-solving techniques. You get a lot of power from brainstorming, and ultimately you can achieve your life goals.

If you want to boost your memory and avoid any mental disorders, you must take part in IQ tests and puzzles.

Final Word

Visual puzzles are the best things that you can do with your intellect. You have to work day in and day out of your family, which fatigues your mind. So, a tired head can’t make the right decision in life. You must do riddles in your leisure time to improve your brain as well as your mood.

In the above brain-teaser, you don’t only learn the science but also enjoy puzzles. If you want to improve your analytical thinking, there is no other awesome option than participating in such games.
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