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Xfinity Mobile isn’t the only ISP jumping into the mobile service game – Spectrum Mobile is on its heels. Spectrum Mobile has a few hurdles before you can sign up, but it offers solid value. Is Spectrum’s value enough to compete with Verizon, its host operator? We’ll break down both carriers and help you decide who will win the Spectrum Mobile vs Verizon battle.

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While coverage should be comparable, we’ll dive into prizes, promotions, and more before declaring a winner. MVNOs have come a long way in the past few years, but competing with Verizon is a monumental feat. Ready to find out how Spectrum is built? Let’s start.

Spectrum Mobile vs Verizon Pricing

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Verizon is an expensive carrier, so Spectrum should be ahead in this category, right? One of the hurdles we mentioned earlier is that you have to be a Spectrum Internet customer to sign up. This means an additional cost of at least $ 50 per month. Check out the table below for a plan comparison before we dig deeper:

To plancosts
Spectrum Mobile By the Gig$ 14 per GB
Spectrum Mobile Unlimited$ 45 per line
Verizon Start Unlimited$ 70 for one line
$ 60 per line for two lines
$ 45 per line for three lines
$ 35 per line for four lines
Verizon Play / Do More Unlimited$ 80 for one line
$ 70 per line for two lines
$ 55 per line for three lines
$ 45 per line for four lines
Verizon Get More Unlimited$ 90 for one line
$ 80 per line for two lines
$ 65 per line for three lines
$ 55 per line for four lines

Spectrum Mobile

We’re not going to consider the price of an internet plan every time, but you should probably know what you’re working with. Here are the plans you can choose from when you switch to Spectrum:

  • Spectrum Internet – $ 49.99 per month, 200 Mbps
  • Internet Ultra – $ 69.99 per month, 400 Mbps
  • Internet Gig – $ 109.99 per month, 940 Mbps

The Internet plans can reduce your overall costs, but at least Spectrum’s mobile plans try to keep costs manageable. It only offers two plans: Gig coverage for $ 14 per GB of data or unlimited service for $ 45 per line. If you choose By the Gig coverage, you will receive lectures and text at no extra charge. You only pay with the full gigabyte. So if you’re using 2.3GB, you can also use the other 0.7GB while you’re at it. Spectrum Mobile also offers a mix and match option so that you can use some lines indefinitely and some lines in the By the Gig service.


With Verizon, you know what you’re paying for in advance. There’s no additional plan to add, and some of Verizon’s plans are cheaper than Spectrum if you pass three lines. Start Unlimited, Play More, and Do More drop to $ 35 and $ 45, respectively, and offer perks that Spectrum simply can’t. Verizon’s Get More Unlimited plan is still the most expensive option, but one of the most complete plans in the US.

Spectrum Mobile vs Verizon Coverage

Spectrum coverage map

Spectrum Mobile and Verizon offer similar services thanks to their shared 4G LTE network, but they are not identical. Rather, in addition to its cellular service, Spectrum uses a network of nearly 500,000 data hotspots so you can stay on Wi-Fi instead of 4G LTE. It should help keep your data usage in check and save you a little bit of money on your By the Gig plan.

You can also check your local coverage on the map above or by clicking here. 5G coverage is limited to a few select cities, so you’ll need to zoom in as far as possible.

Verizon doesn’t offer a statewide card for their service, but you already know it’s fast. Big Red covers almost 70% of the US with its 4G LTE network and you shouldn’t have any connectivity issues in populated areas.

You will find that Verizon’s mmWave 5G setup is also quite limited, so there is no national card here either. Instead, you need to refer to this set of city maps and check your area for access.

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Spectrum Mobile vs Verizon – Perks and Specials

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Good pricing and coverage are only part of the battle – the perfect plan requires a few perks sprinkled over it. Saving money is also important. So let’s look at how Spectrum Mobile compares. The following table lists Verizon’s streaming options:

To planPerks
Verizon Start Unlimited6 months of Disney Plus and Apple Music
Verizon does more unlimited6 months of Disney Plus and Apple Music
Verizon Play More UnlimitedDisney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus included
6 months of Apple Music
Verizon Get More UnlimitedDisney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Apple Music included

Verizon is pretty much number one when it comes to streaming options. Not only do you get a video service or a music service, you get one at a time. All of Big Red’s unlimited plans offer a mix of Disney Plus and Apple Music, although some plans only offer six months of service. The More More Unlimited and Get More Unlimited plans are finally shipping with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, and Get More is the only plan with permanent Apple Music.

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With Spectrum Mobile you won’t find any streaming benefits in the menu. However, this is common with MVNOs. Low cost often requires a certain level of sacrifice. You might be able to call the mix and match option an advantage, but that’s as good as it gets. Spectrum doesn’t do a reason with phone discounts either, so you can plan to pay full price for your next new device.

Verizon is picking up on promotions again. You can save on most devices and potentially get one for free if you switch from another provider. Flagships like the LG V60 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 are available as “Buy One, Get One” deals, or you can save for just $ 10 a month with the LG Velvet or Google Pixel 4a.

Spectrum Mobile vs Verizon Phone Picks

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S20 Ultra

As a leader in the United States, Verizon has an extensive list of high-end devices. From Apple to LG to Samsung, Verizon supports virtually every CDMA phone you can name. You can always keep your own phone if you want. All you have to do is make sure it works well with Verizon’s network. Of course, you’ll have to look for Verizon’s UW tag if you want to take advantage of the 5G network as the mmWave setup has very limited range from one tower to the next.

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At Spectrum Mobile, you’ll be happy to know that the MNVO has as many flagships as Verizon. You can get the iPhone 11 family, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 families, as well as some budget LG phones. If you’re interested in the Samsung ecosystem, Spectrum also offers most of the Galaxy A line at pocket-friendly prices. You can also bring your own device and Spectrum throws in a free SIM card with you.

Which carrier is right for you?

Finally, the question on everyone’s lips – who should you choose for your next cellular provider? The answer is not that simple and depends in part on your Internet provider. If you are a Spectrum subscriber it makes sense to join Spectrum Mobile as it is a requirement. Unfortunately, you’ll pay quite a bit more if you have to switch to Spectrum on top of your cellular bill, as internet plans start at around $ 50. High-end gigabit speeds can easily double that cost, so the low-cost options aren’t really what they seem.

If you can afford the expensive plans and want a rich mix of perks, Verizon makes more sense. It has a better choice of phones and unlimited plans, and you won’t be prioritized when you’re using mountains of data.

Perhaps you’ve gone through all of these prices, plans, and perks and found that Verizon and Spectrum Mobile are not right for you. Here are some other providers that might help you continue your research:

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