What’s app video calling feature launched and how to get it?

WhatsApp video calling feature launched and how to get it?

WhatsApp has officially launched its video calling feature on Tuesday, and this feature is now being rolled out to iPhone, windows, and android users.

This updated WhatsApp also has the unique feature, where you can quickly “video call” android users from an iPhone and iPhone users from an android mobile.

So, to get this amazing what’s app video roll out all you need to do is WhatsApp update the feature to make your first video call and share your experience with your friends and family.

WhatsApp You can go and check on the app store or google play and check for the available updates.

If you don’t see the new feature of video call option or if what’s app new video calling is not working. Then you have the other way to get that feature.

If you got any error or any unexpected handle request or other situation in your device, you could follow this step.

Before going to the process remember, if other person didn’t update their WhatsApp to the newer version then it’s their fault, it’s not your fault on your side so you don’t need to panic and you can utilize that feature with other contacts who has updated WhatsApp.

Now, let’s dive into the video calling feature, follow these easy steps to enjoy the experience of the WhatsApp new video calling feature.

How to get WhatsApp video calling

WhatsApp new video calling feature was recently optimized for the Indian connection, and they have updated the app. In some cases, if you didn’t get update notification you can use the beta builds of the WhatsApp for both Android and windows users.

You must sign up for the betas to get the new updates and also to get access to WhatsApp video calling.

How to sign up for the WhatsApp beta program and enable the new video calling feature on Android devices:

  • First of all open google play store and search for the WhatsApp.
  • After that open WhatsApp’s google playpage will be opened it’s the place where you get install option.
  • Now, just scroll down towards the bottom of the page.
  • Right at the bottom of the page, you can find the section that says become a beta tester “tap on I’M IN.
  • A screen appears now confirm on the next screen and wait for a minute or two.
  • Now it brings back to the WhatsApp standard page on the google play if it didn’t you just go to WhatsApp listing page on google play.
  • Now, you can find an option call update WhatsApp to the beta version.
  • Simply clicks on update the app.

Here beta version is just a testing version it doesn’t mean that it is a paid version or you should pay for it.

You don’t have to pay a single penny for the beta version.

If you want an alternative,

Alternative method to Android Users

You can download WhatsApp APK latest version on the web with comes with the support of new video calling feature. The video calling feature version was (V2.16.354) you can find this file on many popular sites, you don’t have to search hours for this file.

Here are few sites where you can get the WhatsApp new version: APK Mirror, APKPure, File hippo and so on.

It always a best practice to download the WhatsApp from the google play store other than the external sites because you can find some risks when downloading the WhatsApp apk file with other sources.

And sometimes you may be frustrated because of the ads and unwanted popups, so it’s better to try google play store.

Now, if you follow above steps, then you can actually, get the WhatsApp new feature. Now it’s time to send your feedback on WhatsApp new video calling feature.

The above process only works for the Android devices because by above methods you are running a beta version of WhatsApp.

Now if you are windows users, then you can follow this method.

How to get WhatsApp video calling feature in Windows

Just sign up for the WhatsApp beta on windows phone, after signing up for the WhatsApp beta version on windows phone you should message “ support@whatsapp.com” and ask them to place you on the beta version of WhatsApp.

This process involves the human interaction, so it is little slower when compared to the Android, but surely you can get the beta version of WhatsApp.

Now once you are on the list of beta you can get access to the WhatsApp new video calling feature on your windows phone. After getting that feature, all you need to do is test your first video call and share your experience with others.

iPhone users

iPhone users will normally get the update, if you didn’t get the update then I sorry that I can’t help it because iPhone has any other alternative. You have to wait till you get an update.

This is all about the what’s app new video calling feature

But do you want to know

How to access video call in WhatsApp

There here are some steps take a look,

  • Open you WhatsApp.
  • Go to the contacts tab.
  • Find the people whom you want to contact and just tap the call button.
  • You can find two options on the screen one is audio call as usual.
  • And the second one is video call just click on a video call and enjoy your call.

That’s it – now you have just experienced the real new WhatsApp video calling feature, why are you waiting for share your experience with all your friends.

And you can share your views in the comments section as well. But if you are iPhone users, keep checking this post if I found any alternative then I will update that in this post.


This is all about the WhatsApp video calling feature, and it finally optimized with the Indian connections. So try that feature and share your views and experiences in comments.

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