What sound profile do you primarily use on your phone?

Vivo X60 Pro Plus sound settings

Recognition: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

It’s easy to forget that smartphones are actually phones that can make or receive calls (imagine that ?!). However, all it takes is one ringtone to make us realize that we have a device that can do more than just take photos and surf the Internet.

On the other hand, how many Android Authority Have readers set their phones so that it even rings for incoming calls? We want to know which sound profile you mainly use on your phone. Vote in the poll below and leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate.

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My phone is muted most of the time, but I change to vibrate if I expect a call at all. For example, I will switch to vibration when expecting a courier delivery or a phone call from a loved one.

Most telephone companies allow you to change sound profiles through the notification shadow and / or the settings menu. But Apple and OnePlus also make it easy to switch to Do Not Disturb mode thanks to the alarm controls on the side of their phones.

This wouldn’t be the first ringtone-related survey we conducted either, as a 2019 survey found that the majority of respondents Android Authority Readers use custom ringtones. So there clearly seems to be an appetite for an adjustment of the sound profile. Even so, you can still make your voice heard in our last poll above.

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