What Is Content Intelligence?

All marketers want a content marketing strategy that will help them generate influence and a large audience. Case in point: “How to develop a content marketing strategy” was the fifth most searched question about content marketing in 2020.

Unfortunately, no specific formula will help you generate incredible content with consistent results, but it is important to create incredible content with consistent results. Competitive intelligence is a solution to this problem, but only 23% of marketers use it in their content creation strategy.

In this post, you will learn what content intelligence is and the benefits marketers can benefit from when they use it as a tool to develop their own content marketing strategy.

It’s essentially a GPS that guides you to a quality content strategy that drives leads, conversions, and revenue. You don’t have to guess what will be of interest to your audience because the data will show you what will do well with your audience based on market and competition analysis.

Why is content intelligence important?

Benefits of content intelligence

Many marketers use content marketing to communicate with and attract their audience, and content intelligence helps them do it effectively. Some additional benefits are:

  • Generate a deep understanding of your target audience and the type of content they enjoy based on competitive data and analysis.
  • Market research data helps you create content that focuses on your users and their preferences.
  • Get insights into different types of content and how they should be created, such as: B. Video Content Intelligence, informing you of actions in videos that lead to results.
  • AI analyzes content for style, tone of voice, and other key metrics to avoid the guesswork and trial and error that are common in content creation.
  • Ability to predict the effectiveness of your content based on your competitors’ historical performance.
  • Build authority in your niche with high-quality, informative content that will help you attract more visitors, increase conversion rates, and be visible in search results.

Content intelligence software

While it is possible to conduct competition analyzes yourself, software automates the process and generates results quickly. Let’s go over some high quality tools that you can use in your process.

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo uses a research and discovery strategy to gain insights into the content created by your market and industry competitors so you can understand what works best for your audience.

The tool analyzes a variety of social media feeds and web content to bring you viral trends to take advantage of, business related content to consider, and target keywords to use if you can start creating.

Content intelligence software: Buzzsumo

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2. Satisfied

Contently uses StoryBook ™, its proprietary technology, to analyze and predict the content that will have the greatest impact on your business. This data then helps you create a content strategy that is tailored to your audience interests – SEO, voice and tone, and your brand guidelines are taken into account with every recommendation. Then when you create your content, you get analytics to show what’s performing and increasing ROI to further focus your efforts.

Content intelligence software example: satisfied

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3. Curata

Curata’s self-learning engine helps you discover the top performing content and understand why audiences like it and how to create your own top performing content. You will also get SEO support to help you curate your content and share it on the most relevant and impactful channels.

Example of content intelligence software: curata

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4. Colored pencil

Crayon’s software gives you competitive intelligence to help you use actionable insights to create a high quality content strategy. You will gain an understanding of what works for your competitors, from social channels to review sites, and discover the key messages that work best and can be tailored to your content strategy.

Example of content intelligence software: colored pencil

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Over to you

The content strategy you should create should depend entirely on your business needs, but it can get even stronger when created with content intelligence tools. Choose a software option that suits you and start generating your influence.

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