We finally have a good look at Hailee Steinfeld as Marvel’s new Hawkeye

Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop from Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics

While it’s not official yet, Hailee Steinfeld will play Kate Bishop Marvel’s Disney Plus Hawkeye series, new set photos, but confirm that it is her.

XRealm Matthews tweeted Wednesday a series of pretty high resolution pics from the set of Steinfeld in Bishop’s signature purple. She also holds a bow in her hand that may just give it away.

The photos are from December 2nd, apparently from a subway in Brooklyn. Thanks to a video and not-so-clear pictures (both via Murphy’s Multiverse), we already knew filming was in progress.

Jeremy Renner, also known as the original Hawkeye from The Avengers films, confirmed the filming of the film with a snapshot of his chair labeled Clint Barton on the set. “Mrs. Bishop … we need you!” He posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

But we all know that Lucky the Pizza Dog is the real star of the show. He can be seen in the pictures and pulls Steinfeld on the leash.

Who is Pizza Dog? Pizza Dog is a character in the comics who first appears when Clint Barton saves him. The good boy’s tags show his name is Arrow, but Clint renames him Lucky. A subject entirely devoted to Lucky’s point of view shows that he calls himself Pizza Dog simply because he loves a New York slice.

Add Pizza Dog to the list of the best Marvel characters you’ve never heard of. He was exposed as part of the series through concept art of a 12-minute Disney Plus feature called Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe, which was released in mid-November.


Lucky the Pizza Dog!


If you weren’t excited about the new series slated to hit Disney Plus in late 2021, an adorable puppy should be a draw ticket. Otherwise, tune in to see Kate Bishop take over Hawkeye’s coat under the guidance of master archer Clint Barton.

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