Ways to Make Money with the Blog

Ways to Make Money with the Blog

Make money via blogging needs carefully thought out of topic. If you have an existing blog with the few audiences then be very honest when you considering whether a topic has a wide appeal that is not already covered by the other established bloggers. If it does mean great otherwise, there is no wrong to start the second blog, it can be successful in attracting the audience or marketing itself as well as making money via a variety of methods.

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How to Setup a Blog

First, you have to create a good domain name, it is must for every blogger because it gives more attraction and all the ranking are associated with the domain name. Picking a good domain name is simple for that you have to use keywords in the domain name, it describes your website. Your good domain should suggest the nature of the goods and service. The domain name shows what your site is about.


Your picking domain name should be easy to remember because the visitors need to type the domain name in a web browser for a revisit. Keep your domain name short because it helps easy to remember. You can use hyphens if you need in between the words. If you create like this means then it will help you to improve the readability. This helps in search engine rankings.


After that find out which WordPress web-hosting company provides the cheapest and reliable Web Hosting solution. Install the WordPress on your domain; it is a quick installation with the screenshots to get the blog up as well as running quickly. Steps for WordPress installation, first you have to transfer WordPress files into your web server.  Add your database and the user for the WordPress edit your configuration file and then install the WordPress simply. These are the steps to install the WordPress on your domain in a simple way.

WordPress Theme

Select a good theme for your WordPress blog and you have to use WordPress plug-in. Write blog articles fast. If you are a blogger who needs to create living from your blog means, your writing skill is the most important assets in terms of growth as well as the success of your site.

First, allocate suitable time while your day devoted unconditionally to writing and put innovate thought or idea. Go online and then find three to five articles of information pertaining to your topic. Before you going to start writing articles you have to eliminate the potential distractions and start writing an article without any worry. Finally, edit your final version. These are a simple way to write the blog article faster.

How To Customize Your Blog

If you using free service, then there should be tutorial are available to guide you via initial steps to set up a blog and forum for the people to ask queries. If your hosting own site, then you need someone (experienced person) to customize your blog otherwise you may use the best software that is WordPress.org to use similar structures presents at a free service. More blog hosting services comes with paid upgrades, which allow the greater customization and the other gains. Consider sticking with free vision until the blog turns out to be successful.

Content publishing

Write an original content for your every blog post and just write a post yourself instead of modification, copy, or pasting someone else works. More readers will surely come into your blog when they satisfied with your writing style as well as your choice of a topic. You can get more readers by posting their own content.

Upgrade frequently, this is none of the techniques for customizing your blog will matter when you let your blog idle. Post your blog article links on the social media and the blog directories. Get more traffic that means more visitors or more sales to your site with frequent updates on Facebook, Twitter and the other social media sites.

Blogging communities

Find the blogging communities, it matches your readership as well as the post links to the relevant articles on their forums and comments. It helps to get more traffic into your site and increasing your search engine of rankings. Follow the related blogs as well as ask other bloggers about the cross-linking which means contact the other bloggers on the social media and the blogging sites and advertise each article when subjects overlap with your audiences.

More bloggers happy to post a link on Twitter when they are not interested in advertising your article on their own. If you using free hosting service, then excessive cross-linking can be punished. You just link to the other posts occasionally, when they relevant to your audience. Several common links have to be shared with fans via social media instead of your blog. Market your blog via paid advertisements if possible. If you are serious about the investing time as well as money to gain the audience, then you can make your own advertisements for the Facebook and pay to include your blog to the StumbleUpon or become an advertiser on the Google AdSense.

How To Make Money With Blogging

Market your blog, these techniques are for making money. You have to post links to your blog on the social media site to attract the readership. Use the contextual advertisement service, If your blog contains very high-quality content as well as has started to attract the audience means then you can make money by using the WordAds, Google Adsense and other contextual ad services.

These all automatically create ads in an amount, placement, the size you specify and matching ads chosen to topics you write. Create the online store if appropriate which means create shop via Etsy or any other service for selling the artwork. Consider the affiliate programs for your blog; you agree to give links to the company products. Select the affiliate products your readers will surely buy. To be honest to write a content rich and post it to get more money. These are the best way to make a money with the blog.