Ventura Promises to Heighten the Gaming Experience. Is your Mac Optimized?


Where gaming is concerned, Mac users have been left out in favor of Windows and Linux. But with the launch of macOS Ventura, Apple is attempting to focus more on gaming. So now, you don’t have to think twice about purchasing a Mac if you are an avid gamer.


Here’s how Gaming is Getting Better with Ventura:

  • The launch of Metal 3. Apple’s graphic framework, Metal, can deeply tap into the GPU of Mac computers. The third-generation release of Metal is bringing significant improvements to visuals. Moreover, Apple has specifically pointed out what MetalFX Upscaling can do. For example, developers can render complex scenes quicker using less compute-intensive frames. The result is accelerated performance, providing gamers with a more responsive feel and stunning graphics.
  • SharePlay has improved with Ventura so that you can play your favorite games with your friends. Just hop on a FaceTime video call and use the SharePlay feature to play games together.
  • Ventura has enabled the use of buddy controllers so that two controllers can be used in tandem, and you can play with your friends.
  • The Game Center has been updated so you can track the leaderboard and see what games your friends are playing.
  • New games are coming to Mac, such as Resident Evil Village, EA GRID Legends, and No Man’s Sky. This signals more impressive titles in the future that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Now the question is – is your Mac optimized to handle the gaming improvements that Ventura is bringing? If not, this is how you can optimize your Mac so you can enjoy playing all the impressive titles and more.

Steps to optimize your Mac for a heightened gaming experience

  • Upgrade to Ventura

Check if your Mac is eligible for the Ventura update. If yes, back up your Mac and click the Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update. Then, click Upgrade Now after the Software Update has found macOS Ventura.

  • Reduce Memory Usage

It can be pretty frustrating if your Mac constantly tells you it is running out of memory when you are trying to play a game. Your only option is reducing RAM usage on a Mac by going to the Activity Monitor. Then, go to the Memory tab and scroll through the list of programs and processes to see how much memory each consumes. You can pause or quit some of the processes that are irrelevant to you to reduce memory usage.

  • Free Storage Space

It is no secret that games eat gigabytes. Therefore, you must ensure enough space on your hard drive to download and play your favorite games.

You must have at least 25GB of free hard drive space to play the games you have downloaded.

So before downloading the games, you must check the current storage capacity by clicking on the Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage. You will get an overview of your computer’s storage here, and then you can hover the mouse cursor on any color bars to see what they represent. This will let you know what is occupying your space.

Next, you must review the list and remove the items you don’t need. For example, go to the Downloads folder and delete redundant things. It would be best if you removed old videos, photos, mail attachments, etc. You can also get an external drive and transfer your pictures and large video files to it. Alternatively, you can upload the files and pictures you don’t wish to delete to your iCloud account and remove them from your system.

  • Uninstall Irrelevant Applications

Removing forgotten or unused applications is another way to optimize your Mac for gaming. These apps take up valuable resources; if you don’t need them, clear the space to improve your gaming experience.

Choose a new Finder window > click Applications. Then, scroll through the list of applications and remove the ones you don’t need. Finally, don’t forget to clear the Trash.

  • Declutter the Desktop

Use the Stacks feature to organize your Desktop. The feature had appeared on macOS Mojave and continues to be useful.

Thanks to Stacks, you can neatly organize the files and documents on your Mac in groups. Thereby reducing clutter and ensuring your computer is clean.

When Stacks is activated, whatever you save to your Desktop will be automatically added to the appropriate stack.

To use this feature, click anywhere on your Desktop > choose Use Stacks.

Also, you can remove the documents and files you don’t need from your desktop before using the Stacks feature.


With these tips, you can optimize and ready your Mac for a wonderful gaming experience. In addition, some great new titles are expected to be released in 2023 like Company of Heroes 3, The Last Night, Everspace 2 and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, so stay prepared.