Two men have taken credit for removing the mysterious Utah monolith

Monolith aerobureau

It was there … but now it’s gone.

Aero Bureau of the Department of Public Safety in Utah

Two men removed the strange monolith that has since caught internet attention to be discovered in the Utah desert last week. Mysterious as it was, the strange monolith disappeared, and Sylvan Christensen and Andy Lewis now say they are reportedly among those responsible.

“We removed the Utah monolith because there are clear precedents for how we share and standardize the use of our public land, natural wildlife, native plants, freshwater springs and human influences on them,” Lewis and Christensen said in a Grit Daily .

Lewis, famous for slacklining – a sport similar to tight-rope dancing usually practiced outdoors – uploaded a video to his YouTube channel of him and a group of friends taking it apart and moving it around.


Michael James Newlands, a friend of adventure photographer Ross Bernards, used a smartphone to take this picture of the monolith that was dismantled on Friday evening.

Michael James Newlands

The couple’s reveal comes after Colorado adventure photographer Ross Bernards reported he visited the structure Friday night and saw four men arrive and dismantle it. Bernards documented the presence and then the absence of the structure on Instagram. He also shared pictures taken by a friend of the men who took it off.

“Four men went around the corner and two of them went forward,” writes Bernards. “They pushed the monolith a couple of times and one of them said, ‘You’d better have your pictures.’ Then he gave it a big push and it walked over and leaned to one side. He called to his other friends that they didn’t need the tools. The other man with him at the monolith then said, “So you don’t leave any trash in the Desert. ‘”

As the men walked away with the pieces, one of them said, ‘Don’t leave a trace,’ Bernards told the New York Times. Then they wheeled her away with a wheelbarrow, he added.

Hundreds of people reportedly traveled to the remote desert to see and touch the 2001: A Space Odyssey-style structure. They also drove over plants and left human waste behind.

The Utah Department of Public Safety first discovered the object in a remote area of ​​southern Utah while it was counting bighorn sheep from a helicopter.

“I’d say it’s probably between 10 and 12 feet tall,” pilot Bret Hutchings told Utah broadcaster KSL when it was originally discovered. “We joked a bit about it, if one of us suddenly disappears, then I think the rest of us will run away.”

But in the wake of the discovery, people engaged on Reddit made an attempt to uncover the origins of the monolith. First they located the monolith on Google Earth, then used historical imagery to find out exactly when the object first appeared in the desert. Based on this data, they determined that the monolith first appeared between August 2015 and October 2016.

At the time, the science fiction drama Westworld was filming nearby, leading many to speculate that the monolith is an old movie prop.

Given the location has also been used in a number of other TV shows and movies – from current films like 127 Hours and Mission: Impossible 2 to classic westerns in the 1940s and 1960s – this is a possibility. Regardless, the monolith is gone.

Correction, December 1st: The photo of the men removing the monolith was taken by Michael James Newlands.

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