Tweet your updates in Twitter-celebrate followers

Tweet your updates in Twitter-celebrate your followers

Tweet Technology is an application of scientific knowledge people use it for practical purposes. The technology is an advancement in computer technology. A device that is developed from scientific knowledge is a technology. It deals with engineering and applied sciences.


The technology helps the people to adapt to the environment. The development of technology includes the internet, telephone, and computer, which helps to remove the communication barrier between people. The improvement in technology makes a person’s life convenient. Nowadays, the usage of technology is known by all the people.

For example, consider one technology, Twitter. It is a social networking website that allows the people to communicate with each other. People can share their ideas and knowledge through Twitter. They can post the comment about general facts, friends, etc. Apart from that, you can entertain your followers by posting and tweeting some exciting pics and posts.

Documentation about users in recent years:

Twitter allows the registered user to read and post the comments. The news about the twitter is, it explains the third-quarter earnings.  The income of twitter is doubled over a year, and it provides the advertising in different forms. 

The analyst surveyed that the average expectation is 351.4 million dollars. Which is higher than the previous year of about 168.6 million dollars. In the July month, twitter forecasted the income range, which is between 330 and 340 million dollars. It also predicted the loss of about 29 percent. It does not include the expense of compensation for the stock, an analyst on the average except profit of one percent.

In the last year, Twitter reported a loss of about 48 percent for each share. For the quarter year, the company does not guide earnings. But after the overcome of the huge loss, Now it’s ruling the world. Even most of the celebrities are on Twitter to update their status.

Day by day advancement:

The user growth on twitter is under a microscope. There is no difference in this quarter. In the second quarter, Twitter added 16 million users on the Worldwide, which reaches to 271 million investors. Twitter released the two advertisement forms in recent quarters. They are the mobile app install and video ads.

Advertisement Income

Some of the advertisers are involved in a beta release of the twitter’s video. These releases contain the new price structure in which company charges to advertisers for the actions done by the user. Twitter gets more revenue for each user.  In the latest quarter, twitter earns 1.08 dollars for every user, who is compared with 1.02 dollars in the second quarter. Twitter increased by 1.8 billion dollars in cash for last month.

 Twitter has built out its products and offers for advertising.  Thus, the enhancement in technology leads to a better life. Here you have to conclude with this statement that Social media is the latest and topmost trending technology nowadays to set your level of height. Make use of this social media and hike your standard, among others. You must be the trendsetter for your followers, not only by tweeting.

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