Trump moves to formally withdraw US from World Health Organization as of July 2021

Trump moves to formally withdraw US from World Health Organization as of July 2021
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Trump has submitted a resignation letter from the World Health Organization.

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For the latest news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

The U.S. may have left the World Health Organization on July 6, 2021 after President Donald Trump filed a resignation, CNET sister site CBS News reported Tuesday. It is the first formal step in one Leaving the WHOTrump announced in May. The one-year notice was presented to the UN Secretary-General, according to a senior official, and is coming during the Corona virus The pandemic continues.

“Congress received notification that POTUS had officially withdrawn the United States from the WHO in the middle of a pandemic,” tweeted New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez. “It leaves the Americans sick and America alone.”

Elizabeth Cousens, CEO of the UN Foundation, described the decision as “dangerous and short-sighted in the midst of a one-time pandemic”.

“The termination of the relationship is undermining global efforts to fight this virus,” added Cousens.

Hillary Clinton called it “a self-inflicted disaster”. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: “The President is crippling international efforts to defeat the virus.” Trump has not yet tweeted about it.

Joe Biden, Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election, said he would rejoin WHO on his first day as President if elected in November. “Americans are safer if America works to strengthen global health,” tweeted Biden.

WHO said in an emailed statement that it had received reports that the United States had provided the UN Secretary-General with a formal withdrawal notice effective July 6, 2021, but had no further information or comments. The Chinese embassy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus, has spread rapidly worldwide. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are currently over 11.6 million confirmed cases worldwide with nearly 3 million cases and over 130,000 deaths in the United States. A vaccine can only arrive in 2021.

Trump announced his decision over a month ago to end US relationship with WHO over allegations of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the US will “pass these funds on to others worldwide and earn urgent global public health needs,” Trump said at the time.

The President’s reasons for ending the support included allegations that the WHO had worked with China to “mislead the world when the virus was first discovered”. He claimed that “China has total control over the World Health Organization”. Trump further claimed that China had covered up the corona virus and “ignored its reporting obligations to the World Health Organization.”

The World Health Organization works to fight diseases worldwide and works with governments, other health organizations, foundations, professional associations, the United Nations and others. It helps control and coordinate international health responses and systems, including preparing, monitoring and responding to pandemics and other health problems. It also helps monitor and coordinate vaccine development.

The United States is the largest donor to the WHO. It is unclear whether the president can pull the United States out of the organization and end funding without a congress.

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