True caller New features are ready to take on WhatsApp

True caller New features are ready to take on WhatsApp

True caller New features: True caller is one of the popular apps that always helps you to identify all the spam and unknown callers. I think almost all of you might be using the true caller to recognize spam calls and messages. Now, this popular app is all set to take on WhatsApp with its new feature.

This app is rolling out its new own instant messaging platform. Which is similar to the WhatsApp, and they named the new platform as “truecallerchat.”

True Caller Chat Feature:

The company has just announced yesterday that it is introducing its new instant messaging feature to its latest Android and IOS apps.

This feature already went live for all the Android beta users and also getting a good positive response as well.

Truecaller company has launched this chat app to mainly take on a taunt at Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp. This feature helps every community member to chat freely with their SMS and Chat integrate the program.

More info follows under the company statements.

True caller New Futures
True caller New Futures

Company Representative Response:

They stated that we are launching the new chat app with the aim to make all the communications safer & easier. It will prevent all the fake news from circulating the Instant Messaging (IM) platform.

Comment of Rishit Jhunjhunwala, VP Product at True caller:

Rishit Jhunjhunwala as said that “ Truecaller as a one-stop communication platform” with the newly included IM Service. It will help true caller users connect and do collective combat with spam issues.

He said that “ we’re confident enough that this foundation stone will help them build the spam-free community”. Giving insights “ He has also spoken about their company is planning to integrate AI machine programmes in the upcoming days.”

Brand New “Fake News” features of the Truecaller app helps to eradicate Fake News on IM platforms:

The brand new features of the TrueCaller app will allow its users to mark websites links as spam. If they indeed suspect that the page has incorrect information or other information which they don’t want to see.

This feature will help the users to give a more accurate idea of what information is false. So that they can remove circulating that fake news.

True caller representative stated that its “fake news” features would help to do combat with all the fake news which are circulating throughout the IM platforms. As this fake news has been a concerning problem in India the True caller has made clear intentions to stop fake news circulation.

True caller is interested in adding the AI and machine-learning interface to the process to report links via a reporting button. As true caller has an active community the information used in identifying spam phone call and SMS comes from the community reporting. But the solution will be much different from the WhatsApp.

Although there are no fake physical checkers in the Truecaller their strategy can defend small groups. Some circles but if they have increased numbers means this feature won’t work that effectively.

TrueCaller New feature Explanation:

The new truecaller chat feature will be an integration between the chat and SMS.

According to truecaller representative, the truecaller chat will work much like the Apple’s “iMessage” app.

The messages sent between the true caller users will be handled in the app for free.

While messages, which are sent to non-truecaller users, will go as an SMS and this another handy feature of True caller chat.

The truecaller messaging feature is released globally, but the companies main intention was to make a significant impact in the Indian market because of the vast scope.

The company also stated that how many different companies are regularly converging on messaging and payments and different sectors.

Recent changes in Trucecaller app:

This is the lastest truecaller update after the last year’s payment feature. Last year, truecaller has revamped design of the app which comes with SMS detection of Spam and another flash messaging service. Apart from that it also had announced a partnership with Airtel, Google, and ICICI for its payment feature.

It has added person-to-person transfers and bill payments through that deal, and it is allowing third-party integration services into their apps to work better. This feature is quite handy, and it is almost identical to the WhatsApp platform.

True caller New Futures
True caller New Futures

Recent Stats in the market:

Recently, WhatsApp has claimed that 200 million users in India are moving from chat to the payments, so the payment specialist Paytm has added the chatting platform earlier last year and also enable SMS, but it didn’t go that viral in India markets.

Now, the spam detection company is testing its luck in the enormous Indian market. Paytm has gradually acquired 120 million monthlies whereas truecaller boasts an impressive 100 million daily users, which means almost 60% of Indians can be identified in truecaller.

With this unique feature, turecaller is eyeing to go big and test their luck in the strong Indian market. As truecaller said, it would help third parties we can see that in the upcoming days. This is new which is expressed by true caller representatives to the TechCrunch.

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