Top Web Directories to Utilize

Top Web Directories to Utilize

There are many great web directories to look for when it comes to building more backlinks. These can help you with getting your website be a little more visible on a search engine. You can especially find directories that focus on very specific types of businesses although you should see if it will cost you money to take advantage of any of these.

Top Web DirectoriesThese web directories work with a variety of functions in mind:

  • They will allow you to list information on your business including details relating to how to contact your business and where it is located.
  • They can also give people information on what your business does.
  • You can even add information on new things going on within your business. This can work well if you have to make constant updates on your business site.


The DMOZ directory ^( is a free directory that provides people with information on all sorts of different topics. People can go around DMOZ and search for items based on their locations, their niches and so forth. The directory offers about a million listings and has been rather easy to use for both mobile and desktop browsers. The site has been rather reliable since 1999 when it was first introduced.

This is a free option for all to use. However, this makes it to where it might be too crowded, what with so many people taking advantage of the free listing offer that is featured on this site.

Starting Point

The Starting Point directory ^( is an important option that has been around since 1995 and works for only the world’s top websites. This is open to sites that pay $99 per year to get their pages listed. A website can be posted in one of many categories relating to specific business fields. The legal, automotive and shopping sections are especially popular.

People can even get into very specific sections of the directory. An attorney looking to be listed on the Starting Point directory can be listed under fields relating to labor law, drunk driving, criminal defense and real estate among other key legal fields.

Canny Link

The Canny Link directory ^( has tens of thousands of active listings and has been expanding in size ever since it was first introduced in 1997. The Canny Link directory has individual sections dedicated to the arts, health, business, hobbies and various individual industries. The site is organized in a clean manner and is very easy to utilize. With a $20 registration fee to get listed on the site, it is especially easy to get on there. ^( is dedicated to working for professionals in a variety of reputable fields. The site focuses on screening individual applicants to see that they offer business services that are legitimate and are truly active. However, the site does not take in businesses that might engage in non-reputable endeavors like multi-level marketing functions. just recently reduced the annual registration fees associated with being listed on the site. It cut the annual charge from $299 to $249 per year.


The Ezilon ^( targets businesses from all corners of the world as well as ones that focus on some that are located in different physical areas. The solutions that are offered by Ezilon include listings that get people into regional directories based on things like the type of business one runs and the region of the world that one is based out of. The solutions that are offered by Ezilon will certainly help people with finding different options that they can certainly benefit from.

This is especially affordable for many businesses to use. It costs $199 to get onto this particular directory.


The Aviva directory ^( is the last option to look into. This is a more specialized directory that targets businesses in the tech sector. It offers regional directory reports and a full blog directory that lists sites that are designed with specific blog functions in mind. Localized reports are also available for use. it costs $150 to get a listing added on the site.

These options are important to consider when finding web directories that you can list your site on. Be sure to consider them well as you are looking for a great choice that can make a real difference when it comes to becoming more visible and appealing.

DirectoryNumber of SitesIn Operation SinceCost for Listing
Starting Point340,0001995$99 per year
Canny Link600,0001997$20
Business.com580,0001998$249 per year



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