Top travel blogs to follow in 2017: Part 1

Top travel blogs: Travel blogs are on the rise these days because most of the people are searching for the information they want when they travel to other destinations. These days with the help of travel blogs people are transforming the way they travel.

As a result, there is a tremendous increase in travel blogs. Therefore, to help all the travelers, our tips clear team has compiled top 5 travel blogs to follow in 2017.

Top travel blogs
Top travel blogs

Top Travel Blogs to follow in 2017:


Migrationology is one of the popular food travel blogs. Here you can get all sort of information about the delicious food from around the world.

Mark Wiens is a full-time travel eater and travel blogger. He has explored many locations around the globe and has tasted the variety of tastes. You can get coolest food information from his blog migrationology. If you are a food lover, then you will totally love this best travel blog for food.

Apart from that, he has also listed top restaurants in major US cities where you can have a tasty meal, and you can find top-flight foods you could find on a major ten start flights.

Nomadic Matt’s travel site:

Nomadic Matt is another travel site you have to follow in 2017. This is a travel tip and pieces of advice site here you can know how to travel anywhere in the world with the limited budget. If you are searching for budget-friendly suggestion blogs.

This is one of the best travel blogs you have to follow; you can get travel guides for almost all popular places in UK and US. Apart from you can check out travel insurance guide in this travel site.

Amateur Traveler:

Amateur travel blog has recently won gold in the North American travel journalism awards. Chris Christensen has created this amateur travel blog and podcast. You can get lots of informative podcast on this particular blog.

Most of his podcasts and blog posts are focused on how to travel through the jungle and hard destination. You can find in-depth articles on his blog and podcast. If you want to explore all places in the world, then you have to follow this best travel blog in 2017.

Brendan’s Adventures:

Are you interested in Adventures? Then you have to visit Brendan’s Adventures blog. Brendan’s is a photographer and journalist, and he is a travel bug.

He explored lots of cities and towns with a minimum budget. You can follow his blog to get crazy ideas about adventures and traveling. If you are keen to know about adventure, then you should follow this best travel blog.

Girl Vs Globe:

Girl vs. glove is a travel and adventurous blog managed by the Sabina. She travels around globe and shares all her experiences in a personal style. This is one of the best travel blogs of this year; here stories in this travel blog are simply excellent.

You can get lots of travel tips and fresh adventure ideas from this blog. If you are visiting Middle East, Latin America, Asia, North America, Europe and Africa, then you have to follow this blog for the better experience.

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These are the best travel blogs in 2017. I know there are a bit more travel blogs around us I will bring all those in the second part of the best travel blog in 2017. Meanwhile just leave your suggestion and comments in comment section. Along with that, do not forget to share this content with your loved ones and friends.

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