Top 5 trends of websites in the year of 2015

Top 5 trends of websites in the year of 2015

Top 5 trendsThe year is coming to an end and we have mixed bags of emotions. The online world moved one step ahead in the year 2015 ^( Let’s wrap up the website trends of 2015 so that the technical people, as well as the website users and owners of the websites, can do much better and find more better techniques in the year 2016. Survival in the online world is a big challenge every year so let’s look at the trend of this year and cherish our memories.

  1. Mobile browsing over desktop browsing

Mobile browsingThis year, mobile browsing becomes more popular than desktop browsing. People feel comfortable to scroll through the mobile website because they can check the website anytime and anywhere. When a person is using a mobile website, he or she will have to go through long scroll. It strengthen the interactions, mobile traffic and easy to navigate.

  1. Layout of contents

Layout of contentsThe layout in the form of card gives a clean and organized visual appeal. Once the user clicks on each card, they will get the useful posts to read. It will show the title of the content, related image and small description. You can even customized the card layout as per your requirement and make the contents visible and attractive.

  1. Flat designs in a new form

Flat designs in a new formFlat designs take a new shape in the year 2015 and it includes highlights, lighting glares, drop shadows, gradient, detailed great value. The colorful graphics remains the same and it becomes a simple keeping the style same. It is also great for responsive design. Ghost buttons comes with background that is transparent and it emerges with great trend.

  1. Simple and bold font size

Simple and bold font sizeThis year, fonts play an important role to create more impact and also catch attention of the readers. Fonts with bold structure create instant impact and do not have to go wild with the typography. It improves the readability and makes a visual statement. Typography always remains simple and attractive. You can choose two fonts to keep it minimal as well as clean and clear so that one can easily understood what is written on the website.

  1. Use of high-quality HD images

high-quality HD imagesWebsite designers pay more attention to HD images for the websites. The stunning images relevant to content surely bring the readers to visit the website and read the details of products and services. The visual presentation becomes more prominent and useful. When the images match the content and website requirement, the message from the website also becomes clearer. Designers prefer both customized and personal images as well as photos from stock images. They can create magic with both the photos at once. Natural photography of the products became more popular than products traditional image.

So, it is a look-back book for you, which will help you either to carry on the same ideas or make a slight difference with these trends and invent some new trends in the year 2016 to come close to the people all around the world.