Tips on how to use WhatsApp for your business

Tips on how to use WhatsApp for your business

Tips: Inarguably, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app in the world. In a very short span of time it gained immense popularity and acquired nearly 1 billion users worldwide. The unprecedented popularity of this app resulted in its acquisition by the social media giant for $19 b in the year 2014. WhatsApp is being used to share billions of text messages and millions of videos and photos every day. 

WhatsApp has replaced SMS almost completely as far as personal usage is concerned. It has become the main mode of communication with friends and family. However, besides personal use, you will be surprised to know that WhatsApp can be quite effectively used by businesses as well.  Tips Clear Here is how!

how to use WhatsApp for your business
how to use WhatsApp for your business

Internal Team Communication with WhatsApp

Communication within the team is extremely important in any organization. Unfortunately, whenever something new is introduced, it is met with resistance by the employees. Employees believe that they are as it is burdened and any new thing will add to their tasks. However, this is certainly not the case with WhatsApp. First of all, no special training is required to teach the employees how to use WhatsApp as they are already aware of it. Secondly, since it is already part of our lives, it does not look like anything extra.

A strong channel of communication can be built within the team using WhatsApp. Another good thing is that people do not need to be reminded to check their messages. They already keep checking it every now and then. It has made communication within the team extremely easy. Now WhatsApp web is also there which allows you to use this app on your computer or laptop.

Customer communication with WhatsApp

Doing the follow up using WhatsApp is far more effective than making the phone call. You are more likely to get the response via WhatsApp. No one wants to be called from an unknown number and thus most of the calls go unanswered. On the other hand, if you are using WhatsApp the customer can respond at their convenience and at the time that suits them the most. This is why there are more chances of getting a reply.

Communication via WhatsApp also helps build a rapport with the customer better. Instead of being formal, you can be a little personal with your customers while communicating via WhatsApp. You don’t need to send long, formal emails for follow-ups or even make a call. A short text message through WhatsApp can do the trick.

Customer Support with WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be effectively leveraged as a customer support tool. WhatsApp has a wide reach and just about everyone is using it. As a customer, would you not rather send a text message instead of calling and waiting for the IVR to connect you to the representative? Connecting with the customer support becomes easier with WhatsApp. Your customer simply needs to drop in a message.

Plenty of business owners have already started using WhatsApp to provide customer support and service. It becomes all the more effective for small businesses. However, even big brands and companies are trying to find a way to integrate WhatsApp with customer service.

WhatsApp as a marketing and promotion tool

WhatsApp, it seems, will soon replace SMS completely as the marketing tool. It can be used quite effectively to communicate with the existing as well as potential customers. WhatsApp acts as a channel to communicate directly with the customers. Unlike SMS, WhatsApp can be used to send media files such as video clips, audio clips, and images.

Another great thing about WhatsApp is that it eliminates the physical boundaries. Sending SMS to long distances and international locations may cost extra charges. However, you can send messages to your customers anywhere in the world.

There aren’t any regulations around the use of WhatsApp as the promotional or marketing tool. However, as a brand you will need to use it responsibly. Spamming does not only frustrate the customers, it also tarnishes your brand’s image. WhatsApp is best to connect with the existing customers rather than trying to reach out to the new ones.

WhatsApp Vs Email

WhatsApp is approaching a 1bn user mark and is a great tool for communication. However, many may still wonder why we use this app when we have emails. The reason is pretty simple. WhatsApp is the preferred medium of communication for users worldwide. Therefore, they would like to be connected using this app. When people are contacted using their choice of medium, there are better chances of getting a reply.

Benefit for the local businesses

Local businesses can benefit immensely with the use of WhatsApp. Here are some examples.

  • Let’s say there is a local grocery store that takes home delivery orders over the phone. However, with the use of WhatsApp, they can increase their sales as more people will place their orders. They will just need to let the customers know that they are taking orders via WhatsApp.
  • Media files can be easily shared using WhatsApp. This can be of great advantage to a florist. For example, if the florist has a new set of flowers and wants to let its customers know, he or she can simply click the photo and send the image to the customers.
  • Local businesses can also create local communities using the group messaging service of WhatsApp. In this way they can regularly communicate with their existing and potential customers.