TikTok is a marketers’ shiny new toy, but how do you optimize campaigns? – ProWellTech

TikTok is a marketers’ shiny new toy, but how do you optimize campaigns? – ProWellTech 1

TikTok is an ascent Star in the social media category. The company has secured itself since its introduction three years ago 800 million active users worldwide. This puts TikTok in ninth place in terms of social networks, ahead of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. As more and more people use the platform and remain committed, it goes without saying Tick ​​tack is an increasingly desirable goal for marketers.

But is there any real maintenance for the platform outside of the mere numbers from a marketing perspective, or is it just a temporary fad that brands flock to? Here’s a look at what makes TikTok unique through a marketer’s lens, and some things the platform can improve to make it a permanent option for brands looking to explore mobile devices.

Better user experiences lead to more unique advertising

Digital advertising is only as effective as a platform’s user experience – this fact is a unique differentiator for TikTok. In 2020, as content creators continue to flourish, TikTok literally offers everyone the opportunity to reach millions of people with their content. It is a “platform for people” because the algorithm sends user content to groups of 5 to 10 people and continues to send them to the masses based on their engagement. It is interesting here that it resembles an early Instagram era in which all content was generated by the user.

In addition, unlike other leading social media channels, a user focuses on one content. TikTok videos take up the entire screen, resulting in more engagement and real interest from the viewer. Still, creativity plays an incredibly important role in every campaign you run on the platform, especially when you are trying to attract the user among a variety of alternative entertainment options. The TikTok audience focuses on viewing organic, visually stimulating content that could be the next big meme or viral sensation.

Creative is the key

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