This is the blue Google Pixel 4a that might have been

Google Pixel 4a light blue colors

  • The code in the Google Store shows that a blue Pixel 4a was (and maybe is) in the works.
  • It would have had a baby blue body and an orange on / off switch.
  • It is not clear if this will ever be published.

Google’s Pixel 4a is a great phone, but it’s obvious now that it could be a more vivid color than the hazy black you see now. The 9to5Google The team found a Google Store code that shows 3D images of a blue version of the Pixel 4a, indicating that the company was at least considering color options for its budget Android device.

The hue is a baby blue, closer to the Sky option of devices like the Nest Mini, and it’s certainly more subtle than the Pixel 4’s Oh So Orange. Similar to the white Pixel 3a, Google would turn the on / off button on that Pixel 4a color bright orange to give the phone a more distinctive look.

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It’s not sure why the blue images exist if Google only makes the Pixel 4a available in black. This could be an option that was dropped relatively late in development, whether because of pandemic issues or just trying to keep costs down. However, it could also be a variant that Google could offer in the future – the company added color tones afterwards, e.g. B. a brand new Home Mini.

No other colors are known at this time and we wouldn’t rely on Google to add any more colors in time, if at all. However, this gives hope when you are optimistic. If nothing else, the discovery serves as a glimpse of the Pixel 4a that could have been. At one point, Google was considering an option for those who prefer more extroverted phones in their pocket.

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