There’s a massive Sonos sale happening this weekend 1

If you’re unfamiliar with Sonos, it’s one of the best-known companies for making high-end consumer audio, which often means you’ll put down a lot of money to grab a Sonos product. Luckily, there are some great Sonos deals floating around this weekend, so if you want to grab a Sonos soundbar or subwoofer, now is absolutely the time to do it. While you’re at it, be sure to take a look at some other great soundbar deals for a few extra options.

Sonos One SL — $159, was $200

Leaked publicity photo of a new Sonos soundbar seen in a home theater arrangement with Sonos One or One SL speakers as the surround channels.
SnoopyTech / Sonos

It’s not often that you find a small speaker with a lot of sound behind it, but the Sonos One SL manages to be loud and provide you with great audio fidelity. You can also pair it up with a second Sonos One SL, which is really the ideal setup for stereo sound, and it works as a great replacement for traditional wired speakers. Whether you go for one or two, you can control them through the Sonos app,  and can even stream music using Apple AirPlay 2, which is quite a handy little feature to have.

Sonos Ray — $223, was $280

Sonos Sub Mini in black, with a Sonos Ray soundbar.

If you’re looking for a great soundbar to pair with your TV but on a budget, the Sonos Ray Soundbar is a great option. Not only does it have two tweeters and two woofers that are engineered to not interfere with each other and cause distortion, but it’s also balanced to provide the best voice quality so you can hear any dialogue better. It’s also very compact, so it can fit under almost any TV while also having a booming sound that would surprise you, given its size. Even better, you can expand it with additional speakers to bring it up to 5.1 channels, which is a big plus, and when you aren’t using it for the TV, you can stream pretty much any audio you want to it using apps like Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay 2.

Sonos Move — $299, was $400

Carrying a Sonos Move Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker to a meeting with friends.

You may be familiar with portable speakers like the JBL Flip, but the Sonos Move is an excellent alternative if you want higher-fidelity audio. While it may look relatively big, it’s surprisingly easy to carry around, and the extra size means louder and better audio, especially in outside environments where other speakers may struggle. It has an IP56 rating, so it can withstand the elements to some degree, and its biggest positive is that it has a user-replaceable battery, so you don’t have to worry about running out of charge in the middle of your outing where you can’t get electricity.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) — $399, was $499

Sonos Beam Gen 2 soundbar sits below a TV.

The Sonos Beam is a great upgrade to the Sonos Ray if you want a little bit more oomph in your speaker than the Sonos Ray. It has room-filling sound, which we love, and a sleek design that will fit with most furniture and styles. Even more impressively, the Sonos Beam manages to do a relatively good job at delivering Dolby Atmos, especially since it uses upward-facing speakers to create a larger soundscape. Granted, it won’t compete with standalone speakers, but it gets surprisingly close, plus you can always pair it with speaker deals from the rest of this article.

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) — $639, was $799

A white Sonos Sub (3rd Gen) in a living room setting.

Most subwoofers look like black boxes that need to be hidden inside an alcove or hidden behind a TV stand, but the Sonos Sub is meant to be both seen and heard, which is something we can absolutely appreciate. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that it has a very wide range of frequencies, even for a subwoofer. It’s also relatively easy to set up, given the wireless pairing and included Sonos app, which you can use to do a bit of tuning on the subwoofer as well. While build quality has always been excellent with Sonos, we want to point out their specially-made resin that resists vibration and avoids typical long-term issues with subwoofers, so you should expect to own this for several decades.

Sonos Arc — $719, was $900

A Sonos Arc soundbar within a home theater setup.

If you want one of the best soundbars on the market and are willing to pay the price for it, the Sonos Arc is not only excellent but features at the top of our list of best soundbars for 2023. It has excellent surround sound, so you won’t necessarily need to pair it up with other speakers, except the subwoofer, and it’s easy to set up in minutes. There’s also excellent Dolby Atmos capability, which is rather rare for single speakers, but something that Sonos manages to do surprisingly well. While the Sonos Arc is primarily geared toward TV audio, it is a standalone speaker in its own right, so you can certainly stream music and other audio to it, although it does suffer a bit in the mid-ranges with things like jazz standards and classical music. Even so, it’s a great overall speaker and works great for TV and vocal-heavy music and audio.

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