Theranos whistleblower Tyler Shultz’s new Audible tell-all podcast is cathartic and eye-opening

Theranos whistleblower Tyler Shultz’s new Audible tell-all podcast is cathartic and eye-opening

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Tyler Shultz has a new podcast on Audible called Thicker Than Water. The series is about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes and is told solely from Shultz’s point of view.


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It was one of the biggest technical mistakes of the past decade and Tyler Shultz was a whistleblower who helped uncover him. While he was working for them ashamed health technology company TheranosIt served as the confidential source for a 2015 Wall Street Journal report that lied about the company’s promise that a device capable of performing hundreds of tests on a tiny amount of blood was lying. To make matters worse, his grandfather, former Secretary of State George Shultz, was one of Theranos’ first supporters and one of his greatest cheerleaders.

In a new podcast series about Audible titled Thicker Than Water, Tyler Shultz opens his side of Theranos history. The almost four-hour series contains never-before-told details about the company’s founder, Elizabeth Holmes. Shultz was our guest at the I am so obsessed with podcastwhere he explained what his last day was like in Theranos.

“I went in pretty bad conditions. The President, Sunny [Balwani], essentially in a devastating email that called me arrogant, ignorant, patronizing, and ruthless. And in retrospect, I think he was actually right about many of these things, “said Shultz.” It is arrogant to believe that a 23-year-old child will stand up to a $ 9 billion company. It is naive, it is ruthless. ”

Theranos collapsed in 2018 and Holmes is now waiting for the criminal fraud trial, which COVID-19 is likely to delay until 2021. Shultz founded its own testing company Flux Biosciences, which aims to improve the way urine is tested. He assured me that although Flux has the same promise as Theranos, it does it in a very different way.

“We have published and registered technology papers and patents for over 15 years,” said Shultz. “The company’s current focus is on measuring female fertility hormones.”

In our interview, Shultz spoke extensively about Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, his relationship with his grandfather and the trauma he suffered as a whistleblower. He also explained how his grandfather knows nothing about his new Audible series and how the discussion about Theranos and Holmes opened some old wounds.

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