Tamagotchi Smart Official


  • Bandai launched the Tamagotchi Smart Wearable.
  • The wearable also offers a touchscreen and step tracking.
  • This is the latest in the line of digital pets that were popular in the 1990s.

The digital pet Tamagotchi was one of the biggest crazies of the 1990s because the tiny device allowed you to feed the creature and clean up all day after. In fact, I vaguely remember my school banning them at one point.

Even so, the concept is making a comeback as Kotaku Reports (hours: Telephone arena) that Bandai is launching the Tamagotchi Smart Wearable as part of the toy line’s 25th anniversary. The Tamagotchi Smart uses a watch form factor and offers a touchscreen, step tracking and watch support.

As for the Tamagotchi aspect itself, you can feed it, bathe it, dress it in different clothes and play mini-games. But Bandai also promises the ability to interact with the creature of a close friend, find other Tamagotchi creatures through the smartphone app, and use your voice to call for your own pet (although it doesn’t recognize words).

The company also sells add-on cards that offer content such as more mini-games, additional items and various clock designs.

The Tamagotchi Smart will be available in Japan from November 23rd, but we asked Bandai for a wider version and will update the article accordingly.

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