The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: See Anthony Mackie in costume

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: See Anthony Mackie in costume

Falcon Winter Soldier D23 Detail

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier play Anthony Mackie as Falcon and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes.

Marvel Studios

It looks like Marvels The Falcon and the Winter Soldier The series on Disney Plus is back Shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic March.

Actor Anthony Mackie is back in action as the Falcon and is already sharing his new look with fans. The actor shared a black and white preview of the new suit via Twitter on Tuesday.

“The boyz are back in town” Mackie tweeted. “Having fun while social distancing.” The actor also enjoys a cigar in the photo, though that’s more of Mackie’s vice than the Hawk’s.

While we can’t make out wings or see the superhero costume in color, it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Co-actor Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes on the series, also shared a photo of the two in costumes on his Instagram with the title “Friends. Social distancing since November 19”.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was originally scheduled to debut on Disney Plus in August, but due to the delay in production, the six-episode series of hour-long stories will most likely hit the streaming service much later, possibly even in 2021.

Disney has not officially announced the new release date.

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