The essential revenue software stack – ProWellTech

The essential revenue software stack – ProWellTech

From working with our over 90 portfolio companies and their customers, as well as from frequent conversations with business leaders, we have observed a number of software services emerge and evolve to become best practices for revenue teams. This set of services, referred to as the “revenue stack”, is used by the sales, marketing and growth teams to identify and manage their prospects and revenue.

The evolution of this revenue stack began long before anyone had ever heard the word coronavirus, but now the stakes are even higher as the pandemic has accelerated this evolution in a breed. Revenue teams across the country were forced to change their tactics and tools in the blink of an eye to adapt to this new normal – one in which they needed to learn to sell not only in an entirely digital world but also a completely remote where teams are dispersed more than ever. The modern “remote-virtual-digital” enabled revenue team has a new urgency for modern technology that equips them to be just as – and perhaps even more – productive than the pre-coronavirus baseline. We have seen a fundamental combination of solutions emerge as the best in the class to help these virtual teams be more successful. Winners are awarded by Revenue Operations Directors, Revenue Operations Vice Presidents and Revenue Directors (CROs) who quickly adopt what we like to call the Essential Revenue Software Stack.

In this stack, we see four basic skills needed, all critically linked. The main four are:

  1. Enabling revenue.
  2. Commitment to sales.
  3. Conversational intelligence.
  4. Revenue operations.

These features are based on three basic technologies already used by most growth-oriented companies: agreement management, CRM and communications. We will immerse ourselves in these core skills, the emerging leaders in each and provide general guidance on how to get started.

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Enabling revenue

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