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Hardware launch in Australia Espresso displays has chosen a category with many relatively understated but functional market participants and added features, design and quality improvements to stand out from the crowd. The espresso display offers a portable form factor for easy packing, magnetic mounting, single-cable operation via USB-C with a compatible modern Mac, built-in speakers and 2.5 mm audio output, as well as optional touch functions.

The basics

Credit: Darrell Etherington

The Espresso display is available in two different sizes – a 13.3-inch or a 15.6-inch model. The display itself is very thin and light, just under 0.2 inches thick and under 2 pounds. The display panel has a touch sensitivity that works with a driver that you install on your Mac to activate the touch features.

The display is made of glass and aluminum and feels very high quality to fit your MacBook. On the side there are two USB-C and a mini HDMI connection as well as a 2.5 mm mini stereo socket for the audio output. One of the USB-C ports is only for power supply, the other for connecting a display. Power is also supported for a single cable connection to modern Macs.

Espresso offers a 4K resolution and a unique mounting system that is attached to the optional folding stand using magnets. The company also offers a VESA mouth adapter for attachment to a more traditional stand or mounting arm. A soft cover is also included to protect the display during transport.

Credit: Darrell Etherington

The company is currently funding the display production Indiegogo, But it is on the verge of mass production, and the unit they sent me for testing definitely felt like a finished product. The 13-inch version costs $ 249, but costs $ 320, and the Display 15 costs $ 350 if it is widely available.

Design and performance

The espresso display is significantly better than the competition in terms of processing quality and materials as well as in terms of the actual image quality and color of the panel. I actually used a portable 15.6-inch display that Amazon recently bought, and although this was a satisfactory solution for expanding my desktop when I want to work from a few different locations, it is definitely below average with its Color rendering and all plastic.

The espresso glass and metal composition feels much better with my MacBook Pro, and although I can’t quite match the colors to my Apple’s output, the built-in profile is generally appealing and fairly color accurate. It’s bright enough and delivers crisp text and graphics with 4K resolution and excellent contrast.

Credit: Darrell Etherington

In contrast to my generic Amazon display, the espresso display with my MacBook Pro only works with a single cable. The other one does not consume enough power only through a USB-C connection and therefore requires the connection of an adapter. Espresso works flawlessly in this regard and uses the included USB-C cable for true one-cable connectivity on the go.

Espresso also offers touch functions that are suitable, for example, for graphic work. It comes with a small pen, but don’t consider this a Wacom alternative – it’s more for multi-touch interactions than pen input and lacks sensitivity to pressure. The touch functions are also supported by the flexibility of the magnetic stand, which can be rotated for a lower angle mode, which makes practical work easier. It’s easy to flip it up for an iMac-like stand orientation, or flip it upright for editing documents or code.

Credit: Darrell Etherington

The stand is actually a big part of the attractiveness of Espresso Display because it is very flexible to work anywhere. I have not yet found a great stand solution for other portable displays that match their portability, and this is definitely the case because they fold into a square no bigger than a thin slice of toast.

At 4K and 60 Hz, the performance of the display panel itself is excellent and offers an excellent opportunity to gain a lot more screen space than is possible with your built-in screen alone.

Bottom line

The market for portable displays is increasingly crowded, but the espresso display is characterized by the use of high quality materials and the unique magnetic mounting solution. Many of the options available require compromises or compromises of varying severity. However, the espresso display is thin, light, durable and offers an excellent picture with simple, flexible mounting options and a real single cable connection.

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