The crazy (but cute) reason you should buy a Motorola flip phone

Discover the adorable (yet irresistible) reason why owning a Motorola flip phone is a must. During my review of the Motorola Razr 40 (or Razr 2023, if you prefer), I instantly fell head over heels. Not just for the phone itself, which is undeniably fantastic, but for an enchanting character named Moo.

Moo, residing on the phone’s cover screen, is a truly exceptional little creature. It’s a delightful and charming creation from a brand that values both playfulness and cuteness. The presence of Moo on my Razr brought such joy that I never once considered switching to an alternative clock face or wallpaper image.

What on Earth is Moo?

Introducing Moo – the delightful, animated character residing on the cover screen of Motorola Razr phones, including the impressive Motorola Razr Plus. Though not a cow, Moo represents the iconic Motorola “Batwing” M-shape logo. With its charming face, white rounded form, and two dots above its antenna, Moo cheerfully navigates through the day on your phone.

Unlike other branding attempts, Moo captivates with genuine cuteness and personality, making it the most endearing animated logo-turned-mascot on a smartphone. Discover the impact of Moo on your phone-buying decision and explore its irresistible charm. Learn more about the adorable world of Moo today!

Motorola flip phone
Motorola flip phone

What’s so great about Moo?

Are you wondering if I’m really suggesting you buy a specific smartphone because of its clever clock face? Well, the answer is yes, kind of! Smartphones are advanced tech devices, so when something adds personality and uniqueness, it’s worth appreciating. That’s where Moo comes in. Let me explain what I mean without sounding too crazy. Yes, I’m talking about an animated character on a phone, but hear me out. Moo is a cool feature that enhances your smartphone experience in a fun way. Stay tuned to learn more!

Join us on a whimsical journey of technology and feline antics! As I write this story on my computer, my feline companion, Moo, types away on a nearby laptop. Just like those adorable cat GIFs of frantically typing, Moo’s activities throughout the day include brushing teeth, commuting to the office, and winding down with dinner and evening reading. However, like all of us, when Moo’s phone battery runs low, it’s time for a well-deserved nap. Experience the delightful adventures of technology and feline companionship in this captivating tale!

Moo, the adorable creature, brings captivating scenes to life with each tap. Its design is thoughtfully crafted, injecting genuine character into the experience. As you explore, you’ll discover the subtle connection to Motorola’s logo. This successful design captures the essence of fun and charm, creating a captivating experience.

Moo’s activities go beyond basic movements or trendy actions. Unlike skateboarding or random jumping, Moo is a unique character that breathes life into your phone, becoming relatable in the process. This sets Moo apart as a memorable character that no other phone company has been able to create. Discover the extraordinary allure of Moo, the character that sets your phone apart.

I didn’t want Moo to go

Initially, I made the mistake of not using Moo for the Razr 40’s cover screen. Those early days with a dull image are moments I deeply regret. However, I was fortunate to stumble upon Moo while exploring cover screen options. Despite my skepticism due to past mascot experiences, I decided to give it a try. Little did I know, once Moo graced my cover screen, it stayed there until I eventually switched to a different phone. I must admit, bidding farewell to Moo was a melancholic moment. But the memories created were truly remarkable. Join me as I share my journey with Moo, the beloved mascot for Razr 40’s cover screen.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Motorola Razr Plus (or Motorola Razr 40 Ultra in the U.K.). On this phone, Moo is available as an option, but on a much larger scale compared to the Razr 40’s small cover screen. Additionally, it comes with captivating background animations. Moo truly brings entertainment to the Razr’s cover screen, with its undeniable cuteness that will surely make you smile. Especially when you find yourself doing something similar in real life. Check out my review for more details!

Confession time: I must admit, I prefer Moo on the cover screen over running Android apps on the Razr phone. If you think this is crazy, just give Moo a try and handle the phone yourself. I guarantee you’ll agree with me in no time. If you already own a Razr phone and haven’t discovered Moo yet, simply go to Settings > External Display > Clock Faces, and select the Moo Time option. You won’t regret it. Find out why Moo is the best choice for your Razr phone.


How do I turn on/off my Motorola flip phone?

Typically, there’s a power button on the side or front of the phone. Press and hold it to turn the phone on or off.

How do I charge my Motorola flip phone?

Connect the charger to the charging port on your phone, usually located at the bottom or side. Plug the other end into a power outlet.

How do I make a call?

Open the flip, dial the number using the keypad, and then press the call button (usually green).

How do I send a text message?

Navigate to the messaging menu, select “New Message” or a similar option, type your message, and then send it to the desired contact.

How do I access voicemail?

Typically, you can press and hold the ‘1’ key on the keypad or dial your own phone number.

How do I add a new contact?

Navigate to the contacts or phonebook menu, select “Add New” or a similar option, and then enter the contact details.

How can I set a ringtone?

Go to the settings or profiles menu, select ringtones or sounds, and choose from the available options.

Is there a way to connect my flip phone to the internet?

Some Motorola flip phones have basic internet capabilities. Check the phone’s manual or settings for a browser or data connection option.

How do I reset my Motorola flip phone to factory settings?

Navigate to the settings menu, look for an option like “Reset” or “Factory Reset”, and follow the prompts. Make sure to back up any important data first.

My phone isn’t turning on. What should I do?

Ensure the battery is charged. If the phone still doesn’t turn on, try removing the battery (if possible), waiting a few minutes, then reinserting it and turning the phone on.

How do I take a photo with my flip phone?

If your phone has a camera, open the camera application and press the capture or shutter button.

Can I connect my Motorola flip phone to a computer?

Some models allow for data transfer via a USB cable. Check your phone’s manual for specific instructions.

How do I lock/unlock the keypad?

Many flip phones automatically lock the keypad when closed. To manually lock or unlock, there might be a shortcut like pressing a specific key for a few seconds.

How do I increase/decrease the volume?

Use the volume buttons, usually located on the side of the phone.

Is Bluetooth available on my Motorola flip phone?

Some models come with Bluetooth. Check the settings menu or your phone’s manual for Bluetooth options.

Remember, the exact methods and features can vary depending on the specific Motorola flip phone model. Always refer to the user manual for model-specific instructions.