The Cheapskate Show podcast: The secrets of making awesome coffee at home

The Cheapskate Show podcast: The secrets of making awesome coffee at home

Instant pod espresso

Tip: This is NOT the path to a premium coffee at home experience.

Brian Bennett / CNET

My favorite time of day is not “beer clock”. It’s “Mocha Morning” when I can enjoy my daily cup of coffee. And that’s why I’ve spent the last month looking for ways to improve my coffee game – while reducing the cost and waste associated with K-cups and other pads.

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This episode is all about that. And we brought out the big guns: CNET’s Brian Bennett comes over to talk about his favorite coffee methods and machines. We’re also touching on Prime Day (what’s left of it) and Apple’s newest iPhones (which may not have any place in a cheap skate podcast, but listen to us).

You can listen to the new episode (and previous ones) here:

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