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We’ve all had this momentary panic because we’ve misplaced something important and it only gets worse during the holiday season. The last thing you need to do if you want to hurry across the river or through the woods is to spend time looking for your wallet or keys. Fortunately, Tile’s ingenious little trackers take the guesswork out of your search.

Perfectly portable sizes

You could always put a balloon or something on your keys to keep an eye on them, but that’s hardly convenient. Tile’s trackers come in a variety of sizes, each designed for a specific job in your daily life.

If you want total flexibility, the classic Tile Mate is a great companion for your keys. You can just slip it on your keyring like any other keyring and get on with your day. On the other hand, if you are prone to misplacing your wallet, the Tile Slim is just the thing. It’s designed like a credit card and you can plug it right into a slot and you’re good to go.

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Another tile that can be moved in size is the sticker. It’s a great choice if you’re prone to losing your remote – especially when it’s time for a vacation movie marathon. The sticker sticks to most flat surfaces, so you’ll never lose your TV remote control again.

You can even check out a number of limited edition tile samples in the gift guide here. We like Midnight Luxe for its sleek look, and Holiday Luxe is a classic Holly Red that is great for keeping the season happy and bright.

Smart for its size

Tile oishii

Recognition: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Tile Mate and Tile Slim are tiny little devices. So how intelligent can they be? Actually very clever. They work perfectly with Android, iOS, and even Amazon products. All you need is a reliable Bluetooth connection and the free Tile app on your phone to get started.

When the day comes that you’ve misplaced your keys or wallet, just jump into the app and hit the search button. Your tracker will ring to take you where you left off. If you’re out of earshot, your tile also keeps track of the last known location so you can find your device on a map. It’s almost like a high-tech treasure hunt for your own valuables.

The app is important, but one of Tile’s best features comes when you misplace your phone instead. You can double press the tile button on your Mate and your phone will ring instead. There are virtually no excuses left when it comes to replacing your devices with a Tile Mate or Slim.

Durable and full of style

If you carry a tile around every day, it will look cool as well. Fortunately, Tile has more than a dozen limited edition patterns to choose from. You can combine your favorite sneakerhead with the Nice Kicks design or enjoy the love of sushi with the Oishii version.

Also, don’t worry about having to replace your tile every few months. Each is designed to last up to three years or comes with a replaceable battery for three years. As you purchase more devices, you may be able to add tiles to your collection.

Whichever pattern you choose, all trackers are perfect for the holidays. You can take a set as a gift for stockings or buy a fun pattern as a gift for secret Santa Claus. In all fairness, Tile Mate and Slim are even great impulse buys if all you want to do is treat yourself to making it by 2020.

We can talk about Tile all day, but it really comes down to trying out the trackers. Give the Christmas presents travel guide another look and grab your secret weapon for stockings at the button below:

Recognition: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

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