Samsung is taking strong steps toward a foldable future with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 — an updated foldable phone that takes everything we loved about the first-generation Galaxy Fold and adds some modern style with a bezel-less front screen, punch-hole selfie cameras, and an improved hinge system. But getting your hands on the future doesn’t come cheap, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 starts from an eye-watering $1,800.

At that price, you’re unlikely to want to leave your foldable phone open to the elements, so you should absolutely invest in a case to make sure your futuristic Android phone makes it to, well, the future. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases we’ve found.

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Spigen Slim Armor Pro Case

The Spigen Slim Armor Pro Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Spigen is a name you can rely on for superior protection — and the Impact Pro case is the ideal choice if you’re somewhat of a clumsy type (no judgement here). Available in sleek black or cool bronze, this case packs in Extreme Impact Foam for extra shock resistance, dual-layer protection, and Air Cushion Technology, with small air pockets in each corner of the case to absorb impact from drops and bumps. The Impact Pro case also features edge protection technology, which keeps the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s hinge safe, and it’s made with premium materials, so you can fold and unfold it as many times as you like without worrying about its durability.

KeziHOME Leather Wallet Case

The KeziHome Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 1 in black and brown

There’s nothing quite like the feel — or smell — of genuine leather, and this leather wallet case from KeziHOME lets you enjoy a grain leather case for your Galaxy Z Fold 2 for under $40. It’s available in four different two-tone colors — black/brown, gray/brown, khaki/brown, and navy blue/brown — but our pick is the black-brown option, which looks sleek and sophisticated. Over time, the leather will develop a gorgeous patina that makes every case totally unique. Inside, there’s a flexible, soft TPU inner case, three card slots, and a handy pocket for cash or documents. This is the case to get if privacy is a concern too, as it features RFID Shield technology to protect your bank cards from unauthorized scanners. A secure magnetic closure keeps the case firmly shut in your pocket or bag. This case is a great option if you’re looking for 360-degree protection — no separate screen protector required (although we’d probably still have one, just in case).

$37 from Amazon

Ringke Slim Case

Ringke Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

This slimline case from Ringke is built from two layers, combining a tough polycarbonate outer layer with a more flexible inner layer. Together, they’ll protect your Galaxy Z Fold 2 against everyday knocks and falls, while also guarding against scratches. The case also offers an anti-slip surface that will reduce your chances of accidentally dropping the phone. Impressively, the case has a thickness of only 1.2 mm, making it easy to handle, easy to remove, and easy to put into pockets and bags. It also makes it compatible with wireless charging.

Olixar Fortis Case

Olixar Fortis Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

This is a discreet yet highly durable case that will look great while also keeping the phone underneath looking great. It features a dual-layer construction that uses a shock-proof PC exoskeleton to preserve your Galaxy Z Fold 2 from drops and other damage. It also includes raised bezels around the front screen and rear cameras, keeping the display and lenses out of reach from impacts. As a bonus, its minimal design complements that of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, while the case’s lightweight build makes it fully compatible with wireless charging.

Araree Premium Taiga Pattern Case

Araree Premium Taiga Pattern Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Here’s a nice leather wallet case that is durable as well as stylish. It’s made of synthetic leather, yet it looks suitably modern and streamlined, complementing the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s design pretty well. Its use of faux leather in tandem with an underlying PC layer also means that it will withstand the vast majority of accidents likely to come its way, while its flap also lets you close it securely. The case also doubles as a convenient kickstand, so you can watch videos and take calls without needing to cradle the phone in your arms all the time.

VRS Design Damda QuickStand Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases and Covers 1

While not to everyone’s taste, we love a rugged case that looks the part, and VRS Design’s Damda QuickStand certainly ticks that box. The inner TPU core helps to protect your foldable phone from bumps and drops, but it’s the strong outer shell of polycarbonate that’s caught our eye. VRS Design has gone above and beyond to deliver a case that looks like it’s fallen out of a sci-fi future — which is pretty much what you want your futuristic phone to look like. It’s strong but lightweight and has raised edges to protect both screens from damage. Best of all, it has a kickstand on the back that can be used with either the internal or external screen. An excellent utility case with great style to boot.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases and Covers 2

If you’ve nabbed a Galaxy Z Fold 2 in eye-catching Mystic Bronze, you definitely want to show that color (and your new phone) off, but you also want to protect your phone, so what do you do? Grab a clear case, that’s what. Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid is a gorgeous clear case that uses a crystal clear polycarbonate back to show off your phone, while also keeping it protected. A TPU bumper adds a bit of drop resistance, and raised bezels allow your phone to rest safely on surfaces. Unfortunately, there’s no spine protection, but it’s still great everyday protection regardless.

Slickwraps Deep Space Skin

The Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases and Covers 3

When you fold the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it’s on the thicker side for a device, so you may not want to add additional bulk to it with a case. Thankfully, that’s where skins come in. The Deep Space skin from Slickwraps puts the galaxy back into your Galaxy phone, adding a starfield effect to the outside of your phone. It’s easy to apply and remove, and the vinyl material feels good in the hand. It’s sleek and slim, but it’s worth pointing out you won’t get too much protection from the skin. It’ll add resistance to scratches, dirt, and fingerprints, but drops will still be just as dangerous.

Official Samsung Leather Cover Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases and Covers 4

This case is Samsung’s official release; the leather and overall design work together well, making it look sleek and classic. The genuine calfskin leather allows you to keep an excellent grip on the case, and it’s sturdy enough to provide quality protection without making your phone feel bulky. The cover clips onto each separate part of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 but doesn’t cover the spine, which is unfortunate given it costs a pretty expensive $80. Still, if you want your case to complement your style, it’s hard to beat this.

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