The best meat delivery services in 2020: Omaha Steaks, ButcherBox and more

Even if you’re lucky enough to have access to a selection of premium juicy cuts steak, Organic chicken and quality grass-fed Ground beef (with real taste) Where you live, you may find empty shelves if you defy nature to go the business these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Another possibility could be that you are simply trying to restrict your trips outside while you are self-insulating At home. Fortunately, you can still have all kinds of high-quality meat delivered straight to your door.

We have been big fans of these meat delivery services since their inception, as long as we know vegetable food is important at least at times, we still occasionally yearn for a burger if it is seared over an open flame grill or in our favorites cast iron pan (After all, delicious meat products don’t have a season) – and sometimes we’re too crowded to go further than we are freezer. Others of us don’t have a reliable butcher (or a good meat department in the grocery store) nearby to get top quality meat, even if these cravings come up. If you fall into one of the two camps or are currently restricting public excursions, you can bet that a meat delivery service or an online butcher will make life easier and tastier with a variety of options.

Omaha steaks
Omaha steaks

Omaha steaks

As in Food sets, subscriptions, and Grocery delivery service companies offering meat deliveries and butcher subscriptions have grown significantly in recent years, and with so many meal delivery services, many have tried to fill a certain niche subcategory of the market. Some specialize in grass-fed or Wagyu beef, while others focus on a wider selection of organic meat, chicken, and sausage pieces hard to find meat like wild boar and game that may not be sold in your neighborhood butcher. However, all services offer delicious meat.

Whether you’re looking for good value for money meat delivery, or specifically looking for human-grown and environmentally friendly meat, or just hungry to try the latest, best, and best quality meat (Hello, Americans) Wagyu) there is a meat delivery service that meets your needs.

We started with a little tasty nibble and looked at five of the most popular online meat delivery services, including the types of meat available, price, special services, shipping costs, and more, to help you choose the best one for all of your fresh meat needs. We will keep this up to date with new offers and services as soon as we encounter them.

Butcher’s box

Please note: From March 27, ButcherBox implemented a waiting list for all new members due to the high volume of orders. Please try again as we will update this article if circumstances change.

ButcherBox is a meat subscription service that offers three types of protein, but focuses on 100% grass-fed and grass-ready beef in the pasture of cows that can roam freely (grass-fed beef is said to be rich in antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fatty acids, is often more environmentally friendly because it grazes and is not raised in feeding places and has a purer, strong taste). The company also offers pork from pigs with plenty of outdoor access and a purely vegetarian diet based on feed and feed, as well as free-range organic chicken that is grown by humans, without antibiotics or additional hormones. It is expressly pointed out that it works with “the best possible meat processing companies” and also believes in fair working practices.

When you sign up, you can choose between beef, beef and chicken, beef and pork, a mixed box, or a custom box. In any case, you can choose from two different box sizes, depending on how many people you feed (or how big your freezer is). Prices vary, but plans start at $ 129 a month. If you want complete control, the Custom Box costs $ 149 per month (or $ 4.97 per meal) and allows you to choose from over 20 different cuts such as minced beef, sirloin steak, chuck roast, pork fillet, and pork chops without Bones, chicken breasts and drumsticks. All meat ships are vacuum packed and frozen. Shipping is free. As a bonus, the company usually offers a promotion, e.g. B. Free bacon for the duration of your subscription or 2 pounds of sockeye salmon.

Snake River Farms

The meat delivery service of Snake River Farms (and its partner Double R Ranch) offer something very special: not only dry-matured USDA Prime beef, but also American Wagyu beef (Kobe-style), which is known for its rich marbling, delicate texture and fantastic quality is known taste. All of his cows are raised sustainably and humanely in the northwest and Kurobuta Berkshire pork is raised from pigs raised on small family farms in Idaho and the Midwest. In addition to its exclusive (and correspondingly expensive) chef-approved cuts of rare steaks, it promotes various sustainable ranching practices, from rotating pastures that promote healthy pastureland, to composting beef waste to using beef tallow as a fuel. Even the shipping foam in its boxes can be dissolved and used as plant food, composted or used as a fire starter. The company is also a founding member of Beef Counts, which provides families in need with food.

But you’re here for the Wagyu. While the company does not offer recurring subscriptions, you can buy all types of single cuts like American Wagyu Tomahawk steaks ($ 50 per pound), Filet mignon, Porterhouse and Rib, not to mention Wagyu burgers and hot dogs (and don’t forget it Kurobuta pork bacon and Baby back ribs). When it comes to Snake River Farms Wagyu, most products are offered in both gold (highest quality – and price – available) and black (still special, but a little less devastating to your wallet). You can also buy variety pack Gift box, some curated by chefs like Thomas Keller and Naomi Pomeroy.

As with most other meat delivery services, your cuts are vacuum sealed and delivered frozen. Shipping varies depending on how fast you want to eat.


Rastellis started out as a small butcher shop in New Jersey serving the local community, but they always put a premium on the best possible meat and are driven by the love of good food. Today, they ship beef, poultry, and seafood to the U.S. from farms that produce responsibly grown meat without antibiotics, steroids, and hormones (or wild-caught and sustainably grown seafood such as Faroe salmon).

Prices vary depending on which box you choose – and there are many options including Chicken legs without bones and without skin ($ 35), a Burger box ($ 89), Ribeye box ($ 179) and even a herbal sampler ($ 99). You can buy each box as a one-time purchase, but save 5% when you sign up.

Porter Road

Porter Road, based in Nashville, offers a variety of premium beef, pork, lamb and chicken pieces from Kentucky and Tennessee. The beef is kept in the pasture, fed with grass and finished with cereals. However, the company doesn’t use any additional hormones or antibiotics, and the animals can roam and graze freely. As with Snake River Farms, the boxes use a corn-based foam insulation so you can activate your foam insulation grill and cook them Rock steak that came in the same package. Most of the company’s meat is shipped fresh, but depending on the cut, some pieces are frozen. You can order à la carte (from more traditional options like pork chops, NY strip steaks, ribeye, and ground beef to less common cuts like Denver steak, lamb t-bones, and andouille sausage made from fresh ingredients), or choose from multiple boxes of options , including beef, pork, and beef, or a best-of range that arrives every two, four, or eight weeks. You can also add items to your subscription (“put a bird on it” if you fancy chicken next week).

The basic box costs $ 50 (or $ 4.69 per serving), but specialties like the breakfast box are also available – and we’re looking forward to the “Grill Master Box“We returned this summer (there were dry-aged steaks, dry-aged burger patties and brats for $ 70 with a total of six pounds of meat or $ 6.56 per serving). In the meantime, they put together one.”Stay at home“Bundles of dry-matured ground beef, ground pork, Italian sausage, and breakfast sausage (11 pounds of meat total, or $ 3.07 per serving).

With demand currently high, expect shipping delays and limited choice when it comes to more exotic cuts.

Crowd cow

Crowd Cow wants to “create an alternative to the current meat products system” by connecting consumers with a carefully selected selection of small farms and independent ranches around the world. The specific offer ranges from grass-fed beef to Japanese and American Wagyu to pork, chicken and American lamb (bison will be added soon). There is even a choice of sustainable seafood for those who long for surf and lawn. You have the option to search for specific cuts or types of meat, or from the farm.

You can buy items à la carte – including a Willow raised whole chicken ($ 21), Pork chops with bones ($ 10.50 per pound) and perennial favorite Ground beefwhich you can get in the following varieties: Grain ready ($ 8 per pound), 100% grass fed ($ 9 per pound) or Wagyu ($ 12 per pound). Or go with a curated subscription box like Steak lovers ($ 159).

No matter what you choose, your meat arrives frozen and packaged in 100% recyclable and compostable materials – and contains information about which farm it comes from. This is a perfect option for those who are looking for transparency in addition to delicious meat.

Omaha steaks

Omaha Steaks – one of the first meat delivery services – describes itself as “America’s Original Butcher” and has certainly been in the meat-eating business for a long time. To meet the growing preference for grass-fed beef, both grain-fed and grass-fed beef are now available (and both options start with grass-fed beef, but their signature beef is ready to grain). Read More as each option compares. The company does not promote organic meat like many others, nor does it provide a lot of specific information about how and where the animals are reared, but stands behind “an almost 100-year tradition of offering customers premium, aged and hand-cut beef with a 100 % Satisfaction guarantee. “There’s also one quantity more on offer besides the product of the same name.

Really, the selection of articles on the website is a bit breathtaking. From various pieces of beef (steak in abundance, of course, including “King cuts“You would probably have trouble getting ready even if you hadn’t eaten for a week), bison, veal, pork, chicken and seafood, charcuterie, full meal sets, side dishes and a la carte desserts, wines and even dog treats could be a one-stop web shop. While there are no subscriptions by name, there are plenty of gift boxes (e.g., $ 80 a month Steak box or a Monthly grill box at the same price), which you can safely order yourself. Another interesting thing it offers: butcher service, where you can consult with a butcher personally to order exactly what you want. Shipping prices vary depending on the order quantity and how fast you want your things, but you can find some “free shipping” offers and combinations on the website. There is also a Steaklover Reward Points program for dedicated carnivores.

Right now, You can get free shipping when you place an order for $ 159 or buy selected combos.

Flourish market

Please note: Due to the unprecedented volume of orders, Thrive Market does not currently accept new orders. Please try again as we will update this article if circumstances change.

The online food retailer Thrive Market is also a one-stop shop in a more traditional sense: it sells all types of organic products that are 100% GMO-free and are fairly traded at wholesale prices, so you can buy different brands of paper towels, Marinades and snacks – and bundled boxes of meat and seafood. In order to shop on the website, you must pay an annual membership fee of $ 60 (which brings you guaranteed savings and free gifts, and sponsors free membership for a low-income family). However, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial. Try it first. The company guarantees that you will get your membership back every year in the form of savings. If this is not the case, you will receive a credit for the difference.

The company’s meat delivery options include multiple boxes (a la carte cuts are not available) that are 100% grass-fed and free-range beef of small and medium-sized family-run ranches in Chile that do not use antibiotics or hormones; certified free range and organic chicken from family businesses in Virginia; Antibiotic and hormone free, in the pasture pork meat from a family owned farm in Georgia; and both caught wild and managed sustainably seafood like fish, shrimp and scallops. You can choose between single protein boxes or mixed packs such as the Thrive Market Meat Sampler (11.75 pounds of chicken, beef and pork for $ 110 or $ 3.51 per serving) curate your own meat and seafood box If you want to choose (average cost $ 5.95 per serving). Free shipping on orders over $ 49.

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