The best Devil May Cry 5 mods

Nothing compares to the Devil May Cry games. The roots of this legendary series, which essentially pioneered the character action, or spectacle fighter, genre, are intimately connected to the Resident Evil series. Originally conceived as one of several iterations of Resident Evil 4, the original Devil May Cry proved to be so distinct that it evolved into its own captivating franchise. Following an unsuccessful attempt at a reboot by an external developer, Capcom brought the series back to its origins with the most opulent, profound, and intricate entry in the saga.

Devil May Cry 5 is an amazing game, especially with the enhancements brought by the upgraded edition. However, even the most dedicated players will eventually reach a point where they hit a wall that can only be broken down by modders. Alternatively, the game’s flamboyant and irreverent style often inspires creative individuals to push the boundaries even further. No matter which group you belong to, these outstanding mods are guaranteed to inject new life into this stylish action game. It’s time to rock!

Co-op trainer

A options menu for graphics and coop.
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The original Devil May Cry 5 game included a somewhat unusual co-op/multiplayer feature. However, it was limited in scope and didn’t contribute much to the overall gameplay experience. This mod, on the other hand, takes co-op to a whole new level. Not only does it allow you to play as any character in any mission, but it also introduces co-op functionality to almost every mission and the Bloody Palace, accommodating up to four players. What’s more, it even offers automatic matchmaking, making it easier to connect with other players as you progress through the game. This mod amplifies the co-op aspect of Devil May Cry 5, enhancing its depth and enjoyment.

SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Trainer

A cheat trainer logo over dmc 5 gameplay.
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In past, cheats were an exciting discovery that added a playful element to games after completion. However, cheats have largely been removed, leaving modders to fill the void and provide players with opportunities to experiment with a game’s rules. This particular mod, known as the Collaborative Cheat Trainer, is the result of numerous modders’ hard work and has been continually updated since 2019.

Although it enables cheats, it offers much more than that. With features like turbo mode, new Must Style, Bloody Palace stage select, Boss Rush, additional practice mode options, and more, this mod enhances the gameplay experience and introduces a new level of customization to Devil May Cry 5. It’s important to note that simply categorizing it as a cheat enabler would be an oversimplification, as the mod’s vast array of additions can completely transform the game’s pacing and style. In terms of content and customization, this mod is unparalleled, encompassing all of Devil May Cry 5’s enhancements in a single package.

Turbo Mode and Character Swapper

Dante shooting at a giant demon.
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Introducing another cheat-style mod that enhances Devil May Cry 5, focusing on two exciting features: a turbo mode and character swapper. Normally exclusive to the Special Edition, this mod grants access to the game’s high-speed version for those who purchased it on launch.

By cranking up the speed, Devil May Cry 5 offers a fresh experience, demanding adjustment to combo timings, dodge reactions, and enemy tells. Unlike the official version, this mod allows you to customize your speed settings. Additionally, character swapping enables you to choose any character to play as before starting a mission. Dive into a whole new level of gameplay with these exhilarating mod enhancements.

Vergil Chair

Vergil sitting in a plastic chair.
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The mod in question, aptly titled “chair,” serves its purpose without any pretense. While many mods aim to fix or enhance gameplay, others exist solely as humorous parodies. Enter the Vergil Chair mod: a simple yet iconic addition that replaces Vergil’s majestic throne with a cheap, flimsy deck chair. This whimsical creation quickly became a notable meme following the game’s release, and it was only a matter of time before an official version materialized. Whether you fancy the idea of putting Vergil, or even his formidable Urizen form, in a feeble white plastic chair to diminish his grandeur, this mod offers you just that.

Devil Bringer

Nero reaching out his Devil Bringer arm.
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When Nero was introduced as the new protagonist in Devil May Cry 4, his unique abilities set him apart from Dante by centering on his Devil Bringer arm. However, in Devil May Cry 5, after the events of the previous game, Nero loses his arm and replaces it with interchangeable prosthetics, each possessing their own distinct abilities. While this undoubtedly enhances gameplay, there are still those who prefer the aesthetic appeal of the demonic arm over the robotic ones. Similar to the Vergil Chair mod, the Devil Bringer mod is purely cosmetic, offering the best of both worlds. Players can embody Nero with his awe-inspiring glowing devil arm while enjoying the utility of his diverse prosthetics.

Style Switch Text Effects

Dante switching to swordmaster style.
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This mod drew inspiration from a previous one for Devil May Cry 4, aiming to infuse Devil May Cry 5 with the captivating essence of comic book movies by introducing floating text on-screen. Specifically, it showcases the text in the classic Devil May Cry font whenever you switch Dante’s style. But the creator didn’t stop there – they went the extra mile and provided three different options: short, long, and static short.

The short version makes the text burst out of Dante in the respective style direction, vanishing in less than a second. Conversely, the long version always causes the text to ascend, lasting approximately twice as long. The latest addition, static short, mimics the regular short version, but with the text simply materializing instead of flowing from Dante. It truly feels like an ability conjured by Dante himself.

Completely Replace V with Vergil

Ray tracing showcase in devil may cry 5.
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Similar to Nero before him, V in Devil May Cry 5 received a mixed reception, with an even more divided opinion due to his distinct playstyle centered around summons instead of direct combat. However, if you’re a dedicated Vergil fan, this mod offers a solution by completely replacing V with Vergil throughout the entire game. From loading screens to character portraits, you can now enjoy playing as your favorite katana-wielding antihero, rather than his poetry-reading counterpart. This comprehensive mod provides a seamless character swap, allowing you to experience Devil May Cry 5 with a more focused approach.

MGR R Raiden Nero

Raiden, sam, and grey fox in DMC5.
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Fans well-versed in the genre are familiar with the backstory, but in short, the original creator of Devil May Cry departed Capcom and established PlatinumGames. Subsequently, he crafted Bayonetta, while the studio created the remarkable spinoff, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This game garnered substantial fan support and became a source of numerous memes. Consequently, combining the two franchises seemed as natural as merging peanut butter and jelly.

This modification replaces the character models of the three main protagonists. Dante is substituted by Grey Fox, Vergil is swapped for Jetstream Sam, and Nero is replaced by Raiden. Each character can be toggled on or off, and their weapons can be replaced with their counterparts from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Additionally, they possess alternate skins for their Devil Trigger forms.

Robeless Kylo Ren’s Costume and Lightsaber for V

V dressed as Kylo Ren.
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Devil May Cry 5 released in close proximity to a popular sci-fi film franchise, where V, the main character, bore a striking resemblance to a certain persona. Naturally, this intriguing coincidence didn’t go unnoticed, leading to the development of a complete Kylo Ren mod for V. This remarkable modification not only captures the robeless version of Kylo Ren’s Sith attire from the movies, but also replaces V’s cane with a distinctive cross-hilted lightsaber.

The in-game model used for this modification was actually adapted from Battlefront 2, meticulously adjusted to seamlessly fit within the world of Devil May Cry 5. Apart from its stunning visual appeal, the lightsaber elegantly deactivates after executing attacks, adding an extra touch of flair. It’s best to overlook the instances where V’s grip on the blade section of the saber may appear unconventional.