The Best Buy fitness trackers you need for summer 1

Summer is around the corner, and with the increasing temperatures comes the opportunity to make use of some of the best fitness trackers. Best Buy has you covered when it comes to tracking your miles, calories burnt, and body changes this summer. Whether you’re looking to lose some weight, expand an exercise routine, or simply get more active, this list of fitness tracking essentials curated by our friends at Best Buy should provide everything you need to keep track of things.

Amazfit Band 5 — $34, was $40

An Amazfit Band 5 fitness tracker in orange against a white background.

The Amazfit Band 5 is one of the most affordable fitness trackers you’ll come across. Even at its super low price it’s capable of 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and tracking all sorts of fitness activities. It has an HD color display with over 45 watch face options, and it even has Amazon Alexa built in for voice assistant functionality. The Amazfit Band 5 has one of the most impressive battery lifespans a smart device can offer, as it’s capable of reaching up to 15 days of battery life on a single charge.

Fitbit Aria Air digital bathroom scale— $50

Fitbit Aria

There’s no better way to keep track of your weight this summer than with a digital scale that can keep up with many of the best bathroom scales. The Aria Air digital scale is made by one of the most well-known names in fitness tracking — Fitbit — and it’s a device that can help you meet your fitness goals. Bluetooth connectivity allows it to sync with the Fitbit app on your smartphone or other device. It’s capable of tracking body mass index in addition to weight, and it even works with multiple users.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 — $350

A woman does yoga while wearing a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Not only is a great alternative to something like the Apple Watch SE 2, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 stands alone as a well-priced yet premium fitness tracker. It has all of the fitness tracking capabilities you’ll find in most smartwatches, but it expands on features such as sleep tracking and workout tracking. It’s able to do each of these automatically and with advanced detail. It’s capable of providing body composition analysis, which will help you crush your wellness goals with body readings right on your wrist. This should be an especially attractive option if you have other Samsung devices, as the Galaxy Watch 4 can slip right into your Samsung device ecosystem.

Google Pixel Watch — $350

Google Pixel Watch Woven Band.

A fitness tracker that is a regular competitor for the list of best smartwatches is the Google Pixel Watch. This is a minimalist smartwatch with a sleek and simple design, and it looks as good out on the town as it does in the gym. The Pixel Watch utilizes Fitbit’s tracking technology, so you know you’re getting top notch tracking features with a purchase. It also features the best of Google, including things like Google Wallet for contactless payments, turn-by-turn directions with Google Maps, and event notifications from Google Calendar. You can workout as hard as you like with the Google Pixel Watch, as it has scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Oura Ring Gen3 — $299

A man wears an Oura Ring Gen3 while drinking coffee at a cafe.

When it comes to uniqueness, there may be nothing higher on the list than the Oura Ring Gen3. While most fitness trackers keep track of your data from your wrist, the Oura Ring does it from your finger. It’s able to monitor your sleep, activity levels, temperature, stress levels, heart rate, and more. Some unique features include things like a Readiness Score, which is a complete holistic picture of your health that takes into account your recent activity, sleep patterns, and key biometric signals. This is a good fitness tracking option for minimalists, or anyone who wants a less obtrusive device than a smartwatch.

Whoop 4.0 — $239

The Whoop 4.0 on an arm taking a break from tennis.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense fitness tracker with lots of capability, the Whoop 4.0 should be a consideration. Whoop is a wearable health and fitness coach that keeps track of everything from your sleep patterns to your exercise habit. It doesn’t just track what you do, but it also tells you what to do next. It coaches you through your day with recommendations specific to your unique physiology. The Whoop 4.0 can help you improve your sleep performance, and it can also help with recovery after workouts. The long-lasting battery is able to reach up to five days on a single charge.

Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS smartwatch — $200, was $270

The Garmin Forerunner 245 smartwatch with the time and running distance on the display.

Garmin was a pioneer in bringing GPS capabilities to the masses, and it’s packed all of that know-how into the Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS smartwatch. While the Forerunner 265 makes the list of the best fitness trackers, the Forerunner 245 is one of Garmin’s most popular models. It’s loaded with training plans you can take part in, and it can even evaluate your training status to let you know if you’re under training or overdoing it at time. This is a good watch for trail runners and people who get their exercise in the great outdoors, as it has incident detection, which sends your real-time location to your smartphone contacts if it detects an accident.

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