The 8 funniest Ted Lasso episodes ever 1

Ted Lasso has given countless audiences many enjoyable moments throughout its three seasons on Apple TV+. Specifically, it has given viewers a lot of laughs, whether they be from Ted’s hilarious Lassoisms, Coach Beard’s oddities, Rebecca making herself look bigger, or Roy growling like the bipedal grizzly bear that he is.

Now that Ted Lasso has finally come to an end, let’s start looking back at the funniest episodes in the entire series. WHISTLE!

Pilot (season 1, episode 1)

Ted sitting at a press desk in "Ted Lasso."
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Neither Richmond nor the audience was prepared for Ted Lasso in the show’s first episode. The pilot made quite a first impression on everyone when it dropped in 2020, with its first couple of minutes hooking viewers with Ted’s now-iconic locker room dance.

The show keeps viewers laughing as it introduces the lead, his faithful friend, Coach Beard, and their hilarious eccentricities to the people at AFC Richmond. Even though Ted makes a fool out of himself at every turn for not knowing how European football is actually played, he continues to make the audience smile for all the right reasons.

Mom City (season 3, episode 11)

Roy hugging Jamie in "Ted Lasso."
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The show’s penultimate episode shows Ted struggling to host his loving mother, Dottie, when she unexpectedly arrives in England. To see the great Ted Lasso embarrassed by his mom as all of Richmond gushes over her makes for a classic but funny premise for his plotline.

Additionally, after Jamie starts bawling in front of Roy, the latter and Keeley venture into hilarious new territory when they follow Jamie home to help him get through his emotional impotence.

Sunflowers (season 3, episode 6)

Three people hang out in a bus in Ted Lasso.

In this episode, Richmond enjoys a no-team curfew while staying in Amsterdam in an attempt to regain their morale. Each character has their own wacky journey on their day out on the town.

Ted gets high and talks to God at an American restaurant, Rebecca falls into a river and gets saved by a mystery man, Jamie teaches Roy how to ride a bike, and the rest of the team has a late-night pillow fight at their hotel. Meanwhile, Coach Beard goes on a totally different tangent as he goes out dressed as “Piggy Stardust.”

Goodbye Earl (season 2, episode 1)

Coach Beard, Ted, and Nate in "Ted Lasso."
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This episode begins season 2 in the most hilarious and shocking way possible: with Dani accidentally killing the team’s canine mascot in the middle of a game. From there, Dani gets struck with a bad case of the “yips,” sending him spiraling down a hole of guilt and despair that audiences can’t help but laugh at, especially when he’s praying for forgiveness in the shower.

Seeing the team’s most cheery and energetic player flip a switch like this makes for a hysterical return to the show. We also get to see Roy be his adorable foul-mouthed self as he coaches his little niece’s soccer team and watches reality shows with his gang of yoga moms.

Do The Right-est Thing (season 2, episode 3)

Ted as "Led Tasso" in "Ted Lasso."
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When Jamie rejoins Richmond, he has trouble reconnecting with his teammates as they look back at all the hysterically bad stuff he’s done to them. Meanwhile, Rebecca spends the day with her goddaughter, Nora, and they bond over dealing with their team’s corrupt sponsor like a “boss ass bitch.”

But aside from Sam’s protest against Dubai Air, this episode is probably most notable for introducing Ted’s angry but hysterical alter-ego, “Led Tasso.” Jason Sudeikis steals the show as he invokes this anti-Ted persona to unite the team against a common enemy. With Led “Hulking out” on the team with a furious rampage filled with loud one-liners, one can’t not want to see more of Ted’s darker half.

The Strings That Bind Us (season 3, episode 7)

Coach Beard, Ted, and Roy in "Ted Lasso."
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As Richmond practices using their new Total Football tactic, Nate tries to make a gift for his future girlfriend, Jade, while Keeley struggles with getting “gift-bombed” by her girlfriend, Jack. These subplots feel like something straight out of a classic rom-com that’s guaranteed to make viewers giggle.

But the real kicker comes when Roy plays quite possibly the greatest prank ever: making the team practice with strings lassoed to each other’s private parts. Viewers are treated to a gut-busting scene of the players fighting to keep up with their teammates so as to avoid playing tug ‘o war with their “junk mail.” Who could resist cracking up watching this chaos, especially with Roy’s Muttley-esque laughing?

Carol of the Bells (season 2, episode 4)

Rebecca and Ted in "Ted Lasso."
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This episode takes a break from the season’s main narrative to give audiences a hilarious and heartwarming Christmas story with everyone at Richmond.

In this season of giving, each of the characters gets into some hilarious holiday hijinks: Ted and Rebecca go door to door delivering gifts to children, Roy and Keeley try to cure Phoebe’s shockingly bad breath, and much of the team has dinner at Leslie’s house, where they engage in an all-out Nerf War. All these stories are chock full of moments that make you laugh while filling you with holiday love and cheer.

So Long, Farewell (season 3, episode 12)

Ted and Rebecca sitting in stadium seats laughing together in a scene from Ted Lasso.

The series finale put out all the stops to give Ted and his team a fond farewell. And it begins with Ted, Rebecca, Beard, and Jane waking up together after a wild night.

From there, Richmond does their own version of The People’s Courtthe team sings a number from The Sound of Musicand the Diamond Dogs have one last meeting with their new member, Roy. There’s also a bar fight, an extraordinarily giant avocado, and a coach coming out of his shorts. No time to explain all that. You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

All 3 seasons of Ted Lasso are currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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