The 7 Best Horror Games for PS5

The horror video game genre has been around for years, but has recently climbed in popularity, with some of the most memorable titles falling into this category. It’s spooky season, so what better time to dive into the best horror games on PS5? The system is only around a year old, so the selection of games is still expanding, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of scares to be had.

Here, we’ll cover the best horror games on Sony’s new platform, just in time for Halloween (but really, it’s always a good time for a haunted adventure). Note that this list comprises PS5 games only — PS4 titles playable via backward compatibility will not be included.

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Dead by Daylight

Logo and cover art for Dead by Daylight.

Kicking things off is Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical multiplayer game that puts you in the shoes of the survivors or the killer. As the survivors, you and your team must escape and fight back using the environment; while playing as the killer requires you to…well, take out the survivors. The survivors must work together to fend off the killer, while completing objectives that lead to escape. As the killer, you have various abilities that help you stalk your prey, such as the power to turn invisible at times.

The surprising thing about this game is that playing as the survivors is just as satisfying as taking on the role of the killer, proving that developer Behaviour Interactive knows how to make a balanced experience. Dead by Daylight has also featured famous licensed horror franchises such as Halloween, Saw, Evil Dead, Stranger Things, and Resident Evil, to name a few. This makes it a perfect experience for fans of horror, especially those who are into older slasher films.

The Medium

Marianne from The Medium.

The Medium is a fascinating experience, blending elements of Resident Evil and Silent Hill into one package. This game leans heavily into narrative, with a fantastic mix of environmental storytelling, and well-performed exposition-filled sequences from the characters.

The best thing about The Medium is the way it features a split-screen presentation during puzzle sections, with one side representing the real world, and the other depicting the spirit world. This makes for some smart gameplay mechanics that wouldn’t be as successful without the split-screen presentation. Beyond that, this game is downright creepy, with certain segments doubling down on disturbing concepts (though, we won’t spoil them here). The Medium is one of 2021’s most overlooked games, but we’re here to recommend it because it’s well worth playing.

DARQ: Complete Edition

Protagonist from DARQ.

DARQ is a game about lucid dreams and as you can imagine, things get pretty wild fairly quickly. With the Complete Edition, you gain access to the base game and its expansions The Tower, and The Crypt, which feature new story elements and areas to explore. With a dark, moody atmosphere, and equally terrifying character designs, DARQ should be a top choice for all horror enthusiasts. This puzzle-platformer is smart and scary, featuring some of the most memorable gameplay sequences on PS5 thanks to its design. Plus, the music is terrific and captures the essence of what makes horror so great.

Observer: System Redux

Leaning into elements of psychological horror, Observer: System Redux is the enhanced version of the hit 2017 game. It’s played from the first-person perspective, placing you in the shoes of a detective who can hack into peoples’ minds. This game is a mashup of cyberpunk and horror, with an emphasis on exploration, environmental storytelling, and puzzle-solving.

On PS5, you can play the System Redux version, which implements better visuals and certain quality-of-life improvements over the original. Hailing from Bloober Team, the same studio that developed The Medium, Observer: System Redux is yet another entry you should try if you’re into the slower-paced horror games that seep into your mind well after you’ve stopped playing.

Little Nightmares II

Logo and cover art for Little Nightmares II.

While many games on this list are downright creepy (as they should be), Little Nightmares II is a bit more inviting — but not by much. This sidescrolling puzzle platformer has its fair share of spooks, but with gameplay that is easier to grasp. In it, you must utilize stealth, platforming, and your wits to overcome the terror of Pale City, while working alongside Six from the previous installment. Its art direction is captivating, as are its environments and levels. Along with its aesthetics, Little Nightmares II has an engaging story that will likely keep you around until the end, which is a testament to the skills of developer Tarsier Studios.

Demon’s Souls

Tower Knight in Demon's Souls.

Horror might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Demon’s Souls remake on PS5, but this game is filled to the brim with scares, not just in the literal sense, but in its entire premise. Demon’s Souls is a challenging action RPG, where terrifying enemies await behind nearly every corner. While some enemies might not look particularly spooky, the fact that you can die so easily is scary enough.

But on top of that, Demon’s Souls is absolutely packed with horrific foes, from the unsettling rock worms of Stonefang Tunnel, to the Cthulhu-inspired Mind Flayers from Tower of Latria, with a slew of others. Even if you don’t consider this a spooky experience, it’s still one of the best PS5 games out there, featuring incredible level design, a satisfying gameplay loop, and some of the most beautiful visuals the platform has ever had.

Resident Evil Village

Lycan from Resident Evil Village.

While Resident Evil Village was slightly more controversial than other entries, there’s no denying it’s one of the best horror games on PS5. It features callbacks to the series’ best installments like Resident Evil 4, while continuing the legacy introduced with Resident Evil 7. One of the most satisfying things about this game is the way it encourages you to explore, offering currency in every nook and cranny, which can be spent at the merchant’s store.

This, along with the variety in gameplay styles makes for a diverse experience that will likely satisfy all types of Resident Evil players. Much of the game is geared towards the survival-horror genre, but other sections focus on all-out action, while some lean more into stealth. Arguably the scariest section is the House Beneviento, which features an enemy that is so disturbing, it’s still burned into our memories. Enter at your own risk.

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