T-Mobile will give a free phone with 5G in all of 2021

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  • With a new long-term T-Mobile promotion, you get a free phone with 5G support in return for every working phone.
  • The 5G free phone upgrade program is valid for all of 2021. The first phone on offer is the Samsung Galaxy A32.
  • Additionally, AT&T and Verizon customers can switch to T-Mobile for unlimited 5G access for the same price they are currently paying.

Today T-Mobile hosted a new Uncarrier event. During these sporadic events, the US wireless operator announces major new changes to its services. Unsurprisingly, the big announcements revolve around 5G.

The biggest boon for customers is a new long term promotion called The Free 5G Phone Upgrade. The promotion, which begins April 18 and lasts until the end of 2021, allows anyone to trade a working phone and get a 5G-enabled phone in exchange.

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To start with, you can take a working phone to a T-Mobile store and the staff there will give you a Samsung Galaxy A32. During the year, the free phone offered may change, but the promotion may not. T-Mobile accepts all working phones of any kind and from every year.

Of course, you have to sign up for the T-Mobile postpaid service for this to work and you have to keep that service for two years or you won’t have to pay for the phone anymore. However, this promotion also applies to existing customers. That means current T-Mobile users can bring whatever 4G phone they are currently using and get a 5G-enabled budget phone for free.

This free phone promotion goes well with another new offer …

The Great Unlimited 5G Trade-Up

The second announcement from T-Mobile today is the launch of The Great Unlimited 5G Trade-Up. This promotion is aimed at current AT&T and Verizon customers who have either no or limited access to 5G. If you’re one of the 60 million Americans on a restricted data plan, you can switch to T-Mobile and get an unlimited data plan – including unlimited 5G access – for the same or better price than you pay now.

The limitations here are that you can only have up to six lines and show proof of what you are currently paying to AT&T or Verizon. If you bring a recent bill to a T-Mobile store, that’s enough. If you don’t check within two weeks of signing up, your plan will default to the Essentials plan at full price (currently $ 26 per line for a four line account).

Fortunately, this promotion also applies to current T-Mobile customers. If you currently have a restricted postpaid tariff for T-Mobile, you will receive an upgrade to an unlimited tariff at no additional cost. However, prepaid customers do not see any changes.

The Great Unlimited 5G Trade-Up also starts on April 18th and lasts for the whole of 2021. These promotions also go hand in hand, so you can enjoy both benefits if you meet all the criteria.

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