Survey shows what people think of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 UI

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic renders 1

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series is coming next month and is already off to a promising start. The new Galaxy Watches not only come with the redesigned Wear OS 3 operating system from Google, but also with Samsung’s fresh One UI Watch.

Samsung has promised deep integration of the new user interface with Galaxy devices. One example the company showed was how apps installed on the phone are automatically installed on the watch. From what we’ve seen of One UI Watch so far, it looks a lot like what Wear OS looks like today. A recently leaked marketing video also showed the new user interface in action, complete with new watch faces, app gallery, and more.

Since there’s already so much about One UI Watch, we asked our readers what they think of the user interface. This is how they voted in our poll.

Do you like the new user interface of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series?


As you can see from the pie chart above, there’s no denying that our readers like the Galaxy Watch 4’s new user interface even before they’ve had a chance to experience it or see it in depth. 93.01% of our readers said they love the new One UI Watch, while only 6% said they don’t.

What did you have to say

Sharpz Solomon: I’m still waiting for what Google will bring out as their first smartwatch. I’m a little skeptical because their first Pixel phone had a lot of problems, the same goes for their first earbuds. But because I’m such a google fanboy I’ll get it anyway, lol. If it sucks, I just jump on the Galaxy Watch 4 as it wears running clothes. In this case, Google MUST pay.

Dion Baker: Finally. Samsung found a way to get Google to fill its watch ecosystem with apps: Join ’em. Sometimes you have to give up to win. Most of the images shown are already on Watch 3. I’m most looking forward to Google Play and will be taking my Gear S3 with me to trade!

spacebar2011: On day 1 I trade in my Active 2 for the 46mm Classic.

Nate Clark: Looks like a different watch. The only thing I see a little drastically different is that the app tray looks more like the Samsung app tray on the Tizen-based watches. Yes, there is a body mass sensor, but I don’t care that my watch keeps telling me I’m fat. hahaha. Even so. I will likely buy this watch as soon as I can place the order.

Ankit Kamal: Enthusiastic. I wanted to upgrade the OG Galaxy watch. I am now waiting for these to start and then take a call.

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