walmart onn 4k android tv box

Super-cheap Walmart Android TV boxes on sale now

Walmart Onn 4k Android TV Box


  • The Walmart Android TV Streamer (branded as Onn) is now available.
  • The device supports 4K streaming, comes with a remote control developed by Google, and costs less than $ 30.
  • There’s also a 1080p version for even less, but it’s out of stock for now.

With the Android TV-based Chromecast with Google TV, Google created one of the best media streamers we have ever used. While this device is pretty great, it is also quite expensive at a list price of $ 50.

Thankfully, Walmart is here to deliver a device that is almost as good for significantly less money. The Walmart Android TV Streaming Box from the in-house brand Onn is available now for just $ 29.88.

For less than $ 30, you can get a 4K-ready streaming box based on Android TV. That means it has access to all apps, games, and other software available on the Google Play Store. It even supports Dolby audio.

The streamer does not save on the content of the inbox either. Inside you will find a remote control developed by Google with quick access buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO Max. It also has a Google Assistant button to transmit voice commands directly to the remote control. You will also find a set of batteries for the remote control, a 1m HDMI cable and an A / C adapter.

Keep in mind that there is a streaming stick version of this Walmart Android TV that is limited to 1080p resolutions. That costs even less at just $ 24.88. However, it doesn’t seem to be in stock with us at the moment.

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