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Watching movies on your phone before bed can get nasty very quickly. Stands don’t work on unstable surfaces like beds or sheets, and often you have to take odd positions for them to work. Holding the phone with your hands can result in sore arms the next morning. Not to mention, a tough piece of equipment can slip and hit you in the face. The Saiji gooseneck phone holder promises a solution to all of these problems. That’s why we put them to the test. This is Android Authority’s Saiji gooseneck phone holder review.

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What you need to know about Saiji gooseneck phone holder

Saiji gooseneck phone holder rating 3

Recognition: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

  • Saiji gooseneck phone holder (IVY): $ 19.99 / £ 19.99

Saiji gooseneck phone holder looks strange at first glance, but it is a very easy product to understand. It is a flexible arm that can be bent and moved to accommodate a mobile device in a variety of different positions. It is mainly used for bedside watching videos / movies, but the possibilities are endless.

The phone holder can be attached to desks, tables, furniture, or anything that is 2.3 inches or less thick. After the arm is attached, simply grip your device with the clamp and you can bend all of the wire to adjust the positions.

The MSRP is $ 33.99 but is listed for $ 19.99 at most retailers at the time of writing.

What is good?

Saiji gooseneck phone holder rating 4

Recognition: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

I have previously purchased three different products of this type and each one broke within a few months. They usually fail in the area of ​​the clamp, which is likely due to the section bearing all of the weight. This section is likely to weaken as you move your arm.

When the Saiji gooseneck phone holder came to be checked, I hesitated. I had almost given up on this category of equipment, but had to give it a fair chance. My search for the right flexible bed / desk phone holder wasn’t over and my boy was surprised.

When the Saiji gooseneck phone holder came to be checked, I hesitated, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised.

The Saiji gooseneck phone holder changed my perspective. I’ve never babbled about it, but I didn’t feel like there were any weaknesses to worry about. This product feels as solid as it did the first day I pulled it out of the box.

Saiji gooseneck phone holder rating 2

Recognition: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

For starters, this bedside holder is heavy and weighs almost a pound. It is 33.4 inches long when it is fully extended. The wire itself is made from 0.33 inch thick aluminum alloy. You can say it is high quality because it has a lot of resistance. Bending requires a lot of strength. The phone still moves a little when you shake the bed, but less than other I’ve used.

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The desk clamp is as strong as possible, even if it’s made of plastic. It sticks firmly in place and nothing has weakened over a couple of weeks of use. Likewise, the aluminum wire feels very strong and stays firmly in place.

Saiji gooseneck phone holder rating 7

Recognition: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

While the phone clip itself feels a little cheaper than the rest of the product (more on that in the next section), it has worked well so far. I was able to use it with heavy devices like the Google Pixel 3 XL, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. That said, they all fit together pretty well, so anything much larger will run into compatibility issues. Ultimately, those who just want to watch videos on a phone shouldn’t have any problems in most cases.

What’s not so good?

Saiji gooseneck phone holder rating 6

Recognition: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

My biggest complaint, as mentioned above, is that the phone holder isn’t built as well as the rest of the product. This section looks and feels like it’s made from cheaper plastic. I don’t feel as safe as the rest of the device, but neither is it the worst phone holder I’ve ever used. The shiny, cheaper plastic is just more flexible. But it does come with rubber ends as well as a strap for stability and device protection.

The holder supports devices up to 3.9 inches wide. This means that, on average, most phones with 4.3-6.3-inch screens should work. That covers everything except one or the other phone that is particularly wide or narrow.

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As you would expect, the thick wire never looks so pretty after the first few folds. Even making it a chore again is a problem right now, so be ready for odd wire curves after some use.

I also wish the phone holder could handle larger devices. It would have been great to use the Saiji gooseneck phone holder with my tablets, for example. Even a smaller 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet is too big for the Saiji holder. And I think the device is strong enough to hold a bigger, heavier device.

Saiji Gooseneck Phone Holder Review: Should I Buy It?

Saiji gooseneck phone holder review 1

Recognition: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

The Saiji gooseneck phone holder is definitely a strong contender in the bed / desk phone holder with flexible arm market. This is solid build (for the most part), works well, looks okay, and has very little to complain about. It’s also not crazy expensive for what it offers. Especially when you consider that the price on Amazon is usually well below the MSRP of $ 33.99.

Saiji gooseneck phone holder has become my favorite bed and desk companion for hands-free media consumption.

Saiji gooseneck phone holder

The Saiji gooseneck phone holder is a flexible phone clamp for your desk or bed.

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