Street Fighter 6 gift guide: the best gifts for every World Tour master 1

Of all the new things introduced in Street Fighter 6, from the World Tour mode to creating your own custom character, no one would likely predict that there would also be a bond system typically found in RPGs. Each of the 18 fighters included at launch is in the World Tour mode as masters with whom you can train to learn their moves for your avatar. Unlike in real life, becoming better friends with someone is very simple, and you will get rewarded for it too! While you will build some Bond Points through traditional means with some masters, such as leveling up and completing missions, giving them presents is the fastest way to these fighters’ hearts. If you’re like us and have no idea what a big green beast-man or yoga master would even like as a present, here’s a complete guide on the best gifts to give each master in Street Fighter 6.

How gifts work

A character giving chun-li a can of fish.

Gifts come in two types in Street Fighter 6 when given to a master. They will either be worth 2 Bond Points or 5 if they are that master’s favorite gift. If using nothing but gifts, then you will either need to dump 50 normal gifts on each character or as many as 20 of their favorites.

When you have a gift you’d like to give, simply talk to that master and select the Gift option to open your inventory and select which one you want to bestow upon them.

How to get gifts

A character buying a blanka doll on the beach.

You will be getting gift items for just about everything you do in World Tour mode, such as finishing side quests, main quests, and just finding them. The easiest way will be to just go to the various shops and purchase them. You can see your collection of gifts in your inventory under the Other tab. All of them are considered “Ultra” rare, but they’re not used for anything else but giving away.

Each master’s favorite gift

Here are all the current masters in Street Fighter 6 and their preferred gifts, plus where you can find them. These are only gifts you can get from shops, not ones that you can only get from quests once.


Everyone’s favorite shoto Ryu’s favorite gift matches his minimalist nature. Buy him some Instant Soba or Classy Confectionaries from the Udon shop in Metro City and Retsu in Nayshall respectively.


If you want to get on Chun-Li’s good side, the quickest way to her heart is through some Canned Herring from Dora in Nayshall.


Cammy might look cold, but you can warm up to her quickly by purchasing her some Jellied Eel Hawker in Bathers Beach.


Luke is a simple man that enjoys a copy (or many) of Red Elevator 8 you can buy from either Hawker on Bathers Beach or at Colosseo.


Another reader, Kimberly will grow fond of you for every copy of The Answer Lies In The Heart of Love you can buy in bulk from Hawker in Bathers Beach.


A kid at heart, give a stack of Bawo Bao Brother Stickers from Hawker in Bathers Beach to score some points.


Sticking with her French heritage, give Manon Beaujolais from Bathers Beach to show your class.

Dee Jay

We don’t judge Dee Jay for loving a Lukewarm Beer, and neither should you. Grab a can on Ranger’s Hut.

E. Honda

The sumo star shows his softer side with his love for Rubber Duckies. Grab him some bath-time friends from Colosseo.


Another character with odd tastes, Marisa goes nuts for Cold Tomato Soup. Pick some up in Fete Foraine.


It might sound narcissistic, but who wouldn’t love a Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll? Grab a handful to give him from Bathers Beach.


Ken’s fallen on some hard times at this point in the timeline, so he’s very happy to get a Cookbook from you. Pick up a couple of copies from Thunderfoot Settlement.


Don’t ask why, but if you want to win over Juri, give her a Wrench. These tools are available in Dhalsimer Temple.


If you can handle the stink long enough to deliver the Natto to Guile, he’ll be very thankful. Grab some from Genbu Temple.


For a man as zen as Dhalsim, you might think he’d have no interest in worldly possessions…except for some Instant Curry (Ultra Mild). We guess his fireballs are hot enough for him.


For the health-conscious Lily, grab a packet of some Celery Chips to make her day from Bathers Beach.


What else would you give the massive Russian than a Wooden Bear? These statues are sold, as expected, in Barmaley Steelworks.


Last up, JP likes to keep things simple with some Antique Playing Cards. Thankfully these aren’t all that rare and can be bought at Bathers Beach.

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