Starfield: best powers and where to find them

Not long into your journey in Starfield, you will be introduced to powers. You will be able to collect a total of over 20 powers you can equip and switch between whenever you like. Some of these are combat-related, while others help with movement, support, or other tasks. These new abilities are what make your character special, and unlocking the best ones will help you maximize your potential, or even just survive if you’re playing on the harder difficulty levels. Still, with so many out there to find, some must be better than others, right? Here are all the best powers in Starfield and how to get them.

Note: Powers are not unlocked until certain story points. While we won’t be going over any plot details whatsoever, you may consider some powers spoilers since they can’t be earned until late into the game.

How to get powers

You will need to complete the first four main missions before reaching “Into the Unknown.” This will take you to the space station called The Eye, where you meet another member of Constellation named Vladamir. Speaking to him will point out more Artifacts on your map, but also something else. Track this anomaly to a planet and touch down.

On the surface, pull out your scanner and rotate around the horizon until you notice it start to glitch out and distort. Follow that distortion to what are called Temples. It might be a bit of a walk, but once you get close enough that you officially discover the location, your scanner will guide  ou to the entrance.

Once inside, you will be in zero gravity and encounter a massive set of spinning rings. The game won’t tell you, but the goal here is to fly through little swirling lights that appear around the room. You need to pass through them as fast as you can, with each one speeding up the middle rings, until they line up and create a circle. Fly into the center and you will be rewarded with a power.

Once you have a power, a new bar will appear below your HP. Using a power will deplete it, but it will slowly recharge over time. Or, you can speed up how fast it recharges using Quantum Essence.

Best powers

A chart of symbols showing starfield powers.
Bethesda Softworks

Anti-Gravity Field

This was the power we saw first for Starfieldand it is just as impressive in action as it was in the video. When you use this power, you create a small area of zero gravity that causes anything, or anyone, inside to become weightless. This is awesome in combat to put enemies in vulnerable positions, but you can also get creative with it and use it for some traversal or puzzle-solving.

Creator’s Peace

Are you a lover more than a fighter? Unfortunately, you can’t beat Starfield completely without fighting, but this power can certainly help you get close — or just make it that much easier for you to gun down enemies. Hitting foes with this power will “fill your foes with the silent calm of the universe” and cause them to drop their weapons. If you ever get in trouble and need a quick escape, find yourself pinned down, or just want to mess with your prey, Creator’s Peace is a fun one to play with.

Grav Dash

This is a multipurpose power that is good to keep equipped since it can be used in tons of situations. The most obvious benefit is that this power lets you do a fast dash in whatever direction you want, even serving as an air dash if you do it while jumping. This can be great to reposition during combat, but also in platforming and sneaking around to enter areas you couldn’t otherwise reach. The second, but admittedly smaller, layer is that you also get a small damage buff for a moment after you dash that encourages aggressive play a bit more.

Gravity Wave

This is your classic Fus-Ro-Dah from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimonly without having to actually shout anything. It’s not quite as powerful as the massive blast of energy the Dragon Shout had, but Gravity Wave is still a formidable force push equivalent. This is a standard, nothing too special, but reliable power you can use to spice up combat.


Perhaps the most unique power is Precognition. This does have some potential combat applications, but really is for planning and sneaking. When you use this power, you will get a preview of a unit’s patrol path, or if you use it on a non-combat character, what they might say in dialogue. This is a very situational power, so not one you will want to equip and leave active all the time, but it’s worth keeping in mind to break out when the time is right.

Parallel Self

Who better to call for backup than yourself? By ripping through the multiverse itself, you can call upon a perfect clone of yourself to join you in battle for a short duration of time. They won’t use any powers themselves, and fight about as well as any other Companion, but one extra gun can make a big difference in a firefight.

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