Spider-Man to join Marvel’s Avengers game, but only on PlayStation

Spider-Man to join Marvel’s Avengers game, but only on PlayStation


Spider-Man will switch to Marvel’s Avengers in 2021 as a free DLC for Sony consoles.

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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will swing through Marvel’s Avengers – when you play on a PlayStation. Spider-Man will be added to the game and is scheduled to be released on September 4th in a DLC package after launch for PlayStation 4 and 5 owners “early 2021”.

“When Spider-Man comes to our hero stable, we will mark his debut with an in-game event that will introduce him to the wider world of Marvel’s Avengers,” said Jeff Adams, Associate Art Director at Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics. said in a PlayStation blog post. “The event consists of a series of unique challenges that the hero has to face, test his skills and deliver some exciting results.

“We can’t wait for you to add Spider-Man to your Marvel’s Avengers roster in early 2021. As we promised, it will be available to the base game owners exclusively on PlayStation at no additional cost.”

Spidey isn’t the only additional hero in the pipeline, as Hawkeye was also promised as a DLC character. Marvel’s Avengers are launched with six playable characters: Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel. Aside from PlayStation consoles, Marvel’s Avengers will be released on Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia and later on Xbox Series X.

It is the second time in so many months that Spidey has been approved for the PlayStation platform. Sony already in June announced Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a spin-off to the acclaimed 2018 Spider-Man PS4 game. The game will launch along with PlayStation 5, although we don’t yet know when it will be.

Reminds of Sony Pull Fast Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe To restart another Spidey franchise, some players will likely be disappointed that such an important character will be exclusive to Sony platforms. However, such moves seem to be a big part of the next generation of console wars. While Sony and Microsoft are preparing to launch the PS5 and Xbox X series later this year, Simon Rutter, Executive Vice President for Europe, told The Guardian last month that exclusive content was “more important than ever “are.

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