Spark 2 Is One of the Top Canvas Cheapest Phone Choices

Spark 2 Is One of the Top Canvas Cheapest Phone Choices

Spark 2 Is One of the Top Canvas Cheapest Phone Choices

Spark 2 : When looking for a Canvas cheapest phone, you should consider the Micromax Canvas Spark 2. Available for $65, this is a great model that offers plenty of power and is easy to control. It has a great deal of memory as well and can get you onto a 3G network with ease. The system also works with the latest edition of the Android operating system to keep you online. Image by Canvas Spark 2

The Physical Design

The Micromax Canvas Spark 2 has a great physical design that features a 5-inch display. It offers a 480×854 IPS display screen. This uses a multitouch feature that lets you control more parts of the screen as you see fit.

The phone is about 154g in weight. This makes it light enough to be carried around in a variety of places. It is only about 9mm thick too so it will not take up more space in your pocket than necessary.

A Strong Camera

The camera on the phone is another point worth looking into. This feature works with a five-megapixel lens and a flash bulb. It does not work with an auto focus feature though. Also, the two-megapixel front camera is perfect for selfies.

A face detection mode feature is also included. This feature allows you to take pictures of people and get their faces to be focused upon as you do this. This ensures that the pictures you take are crisp and clear. It takes a few moments for the phone to read the faces but when it does this, the phone will easily generate some impressive pictures.

Working On Many Networks

You can get this camera to work on a variety of great networks as you see fit. In particular, this can connect to a 3G network with ease.

The Spark 2 works with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals to link up to many devices and networks in real time. The 3G support especially ensures that you’ll get faster speeds. GPS signals are also accessible through the phone.

This all works with an added microUSB plug. This is used for when you need to charge up the phone’s battery. Fortunately, this will allow you to connect the phone to more devices depending on the cable system you use for it.

More Than Enough Power

The processor on this phone and other power-related features are important to see. Here’s a look at how they stack up:

  • The phone has a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. It was made by Mediatek, a popular name in the world of mobile phones.
  • There is 768MB of RAM on this phone plus 4GB of internal memory. 1.73 GB is available for applications and mass storage.
  • A memory card slot is included to expand upon its power. In particular, you can get up to 32 GB of extra space added to the phone.
  • The battery runs on 1800mAh of power. It can even be replaced if needed. The battery will work for six and a half hours of talk time or up to 324 hours of standby time.


A Powerful OS


The Android operating system is used on this cheapest Canvas phone. In particular, Lollipop 5.1 is used here. This is the newest edition of the popular OS. It offers a priority mode and lock screen among other convenient features. It also works with an extensive variety of apps that you can download right now. The OS is very stable and will keep running quickly no matter what you have open.


First Touch Makes It Easy


The First Touch launcher feature especially makes it easier for you to get in touch with people. This menu will do plenty of things for when you’re trying to get the most out of your phone:


  • The menu allows you to get shortcuts created for access to some of your favorite apps. You can adjust the menu as you see fit.
  • The keyboard feature can also come up on the screen if needed. This is perfect for when you need to draft text messages or you want to update your calendar.
  • Links to key things like your contacts, camera and call feature are also included. These will get you to interact with people right away with just one simple push.




Overall, the Canvas Spark 2 is a great option to look for if you are trying to find a great yet affordable smartphone. This is an option that comes with a great camera and plenty of additional features to make it run quickly. When used well, it will keep you online and in a great network.


Screen Size12.7cm / 5 inches
ProcessorMediatek 1.3 GHz quad-core
Internal Memory4 GB (up to 32 GB with added memory card)
Camera Quality5MP main, 2MP front
Network Connection3G/WCDMA
Battery LengthAbout 6.5 hours of talk time
Size145.2 by 73.2 by 9 mm


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