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When I wrote about it Station head In the past, I’ve focused on how the startup is supposed to bring the personality and interactivity of a live radio show to streaming music. But CEO Ryan Star said his ambitions are now broader: “We will be the largest social audio platform in the world.”

The startup says it’s growing fast, with 100,000 monthly active users – a number that is increasing by 65% ​​every month – and a total of 500,000 users. There are 6,300 hosts on the platform who created nearly 2 million live and recorded streams in the first three months of the year.

COO Murray Levison told me the pandemic has brought more artists to the platform looking for new ways to reach their fans. For example Cardi B. joined the fan show Bardigangradio last monthThis resulted in 132,000 paid streams of their new single on Apple Music and Spotify during the broadcast. (Stationhead integrates with both music streaming services. When a DJ calls up a song, it will actually be played through your account.)

At the same time, both Star (who co-founded the company as an independent musician because of his own frustration) and Levison suggested that playing music is no longer as central to their vision as it used to be. Instead, Stationhead is all about live audio transmission with or without music.

From a product standpoint, Levison said they are trying to “make the best broadcasting tools for creators and everyday people”. At the same time he added: “Music is still at the core of what we have built. Just like games are for Twitch, music is our social glue. “

Ryan Star CEO Photo Credit Shervin Lainez

Credit: Shervin Lainez / Stationhead

While the company emphasizes the live experience (which Levison called “the core of the value”), Stationhead also supports recording shows for later listening, and apparently 50% of users hear both live and recorded shows. A tip function was also tested, which broadcasters can use to monetize their programs.

Of course, you can’t talk about social audio without talking about Clubhouse, which, according to CEO Paul Davison, attracted 2 million active users every week in January. Levison suggested that the craze for Clubhouse has benefited Stationhead as well, as potential buyers and investors become more excited about social audio. And Star argued that the companies have very different approaches.

“It’s in the clubhouse name, it’s exclusive,” said Star. “It’s about social climbing and getting closer to the stage. [Stationhead is] Living in the world that Cardi B was excited to meet her fans. We are for the 99 percent. “

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