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Snap unveils some important changes for Snapchat at its Snap Partner Summit. The navigation has been revised with a new action bar at the bottom, with which you can access Snap Map and Snap Originals with just a tap.

Snap Map also offers some brand new features that allow you to compete directly with Google Maps. A new banner called “Happening Now” will also be made available to all users in the United States with a curated selection of stories at the top of the “Discover” tab.

Snap was Test the new design for a while and it’s official now. While Snapchat was always a little unclear for newbies, the redesign made navigation much easier.

For example, Snapchat now has a good old navigation bar with five tabs at the bottom. The company calls it the action bar because it should change depending on your job depending on the context. But basically, it’s just a one-tap way to access some of Snap’s most popular products.

Snapchat redesigns its app with new action bar – ProWellTech 1

Old school users will still feel at home with their conversations on the left side of the camera and the stories on the right side of the camera. However, there are now two additional tabs.

Snap Map now has its own button at the bottom left – you no longer have to pull down from the camera screen to access the map.

At the bottom right you will find two buttons that replace the previous Discover button. The old “Discover” tab is now called “Stories”. It contains stories from friends, subscriptions and recommendations for stories.

If you swipe right again, a new tab named Discover will appear. It replaces the previously hidden “Shows” tab. It has Snap the originals into place, the company’s original video content, stories currently on the platform, and a new section “Happening Now” (more on this below).

Many apps have copied Snapchat’s design over the years. Swiping your screen left and right to switch from one tab to another is a fluid and seamless experience. Square’s Cash app is a great example of how it feels.

However, there are some problems related to discoverability. Many users probably did not know that they could access Snap Map by swiping down on the screen, for example.

Tapping buttons feels like clicking links on a website. It’s less elegant, but efficient, because you can see the buttons on the screen here. Snapchat has already switched to a hybrid model with buttons to access your conversations and the Discover tab for those who don’t know they can swipe left and right. The new buttons should make it even easier to find out what you can do in the app.

Find local businesses in Snap Map

Snapchat redesigns its app with new action bar – ProWellTech 2

Snap Map is the company’s attitude to a mapping product. It allows you to see your friends’ location in real time – or at least those who have decided to share their location with you. You can also tap on popular places to see what’s happening based on our history (public stories).

Meanwhile, 200 million people use Snap Map every month. And the company is going to revise it with a lot more information. The company is in the process of adding millions of entries for companies around the world.

From today, you can tap on your favorite places and view some information such as the address, opening times and reviews of TripAdvisor and Foursquare. In the U.S., users can also tap a button to order groceries with Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.

This is also a new sales opportunity for Snap. Local businesses will be able to Buy ads on Snap Map to highlight your bar, restaurant and business.

A new “Happening Now” banner based on a collection of messages

Snapchat redesigns its app with new action bar – ProWellTech 3

Snap starts a message aggregator on the Discover tab. At the top of the screen is a new section “Happening Now”.

Happening Now is based on updates about stories, politics, entertainment, sports and more. Many news organizations already have their own stories on the Discover tab. With Happening Now, Snap compiles content from partners such as the Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters, NBC News, ESPN, NowThis, E! News and BuzzFeed news.

When you tap the banner, you can view news content from multiple sources organized by category – local, world, sports, politics, etc. The company is now offering this feature to all users in the United States. It will be launched in other countries next year.

Snapchat redesigns its app with new action bar – ProWellTech 4

Finally, you can share public stories based on topics. If you share a story, you can share it publicly by tapping Our Story. It is compared with a location or an event.

As of today, you can also assign them to a topic with theme stickers such as “Life Hacks” or “Oddly Satisfying”. Users can browse themed stories to create a relaxed experience based on their interests.

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