SEO tactics to avoid Google Penguin 4.0 update

SEO tactics to avoid Google Penguin 4.0 update

Google Penguin 4.0: Bloggers and markets always want to secure their blogs and websites from all sort of Google updates. But in this post panda and penguin world. Most of the bloggers don’t know how to secure their blogs and websites with some safeguarding tips.

Google Penguin 4.0

Actually, Google launched its update called the Penguin Update in April 2012; it was the first time where bloggers have seen the penguin update.

That very update has done damage to all the blogs who are depended on the spamming to rank well in Google search results. Since then the update has penalized lots of blogs who disobeyed the Google webmaster guidelines.

Recently on 23rd September 2016, Google has made a long-awaited update of Penguin 4.0. This update was the much-awaited update for lots of bloggers and marketers, and with this update, it has been proved that Google Penguin has been a part of the Google’s core algorithm permanently.

And also you can see the changes of that update in few seconds, so its real time update has made the quicker ranking decrease in all the search results, and also it effects on the crawling and indexing as well.

So, to safeguard your SEO rankings and to avoid the penguin penalty I have come with some SEO tactics which you must avoid or you should modify to keep your website safe from the Google Penguin 4.0 update.

Here I am going to say about the gray hat SEO techniques which you have to forget or modify.

The grey hat SEO tactics are not that dangerous SEO tactics like black hat SEO tactics. It simply lies between the black hat and the white hat SEO tactics.

Although the links won’t make any of sort of site ban or other factors, it is best not to use these grey hat SEO techniques in future.

Let’s go to the factors,


Grey Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid Penguin 4.0 update:

  1. Article Spinning or Rewording:

Article rewording and spinning are the most common grey hat SEO technique which was used by most of the bloggers who want to improve their rankings by fooling search engines.

Actually, it works like this, search engines like google and bing always search for the fresh and unique quality, and they always rank the unique and new content other than the duplicate content.

So, most of the bloggers seem to spin their article wording with the help of some software programs which can spin words, but this practice can be dangerous when search engine find this process, or you can get the copyright infringement.

Instead, doing a regular article spinning you have to take some time and change the article yourself with some unique lines. You should write articles more which allows you to do keyword optimization.

It is an opportunity to make your content looking ravishing by rewording or rephrasing but don’t just copy other content it will quickly affect your site. And also don’t always do this step to rank well just do it now to improve your changes to avoid penalty.


  1. Use the Old and Expired Domains:

Most of the spammers always do these things, but they don’t do these for the better purpose they will just monitor the DNS of the expired domains, and they will buy those domains to rank link to the other blog or content. Instead of buying do

After taking the authoritative domain, you should remove all the expired domain pages, and you should modify them for your better good, and this won’t affect post penguin update.


  1. Don’t do the Link Exchanging and the Reciprocating links:

Link exchange and reciprocating links are the most used and most executed techniques. Even from the SEO agency and regular bloggers as well. These links mostly referred as the 3-way link exchange which was professionally used by lots of bloggers and marketers. Until the Google Penguin 4.0 update.

Google has stated that they don’t like these types of link practices. So many moved from this grey hat SEO tactics. Now Google Penguin and Google Panda updates have made them worst practices, and they are simply useless now. The best link building tactics which won’t affect you’re from penguin is:


  • List your website in high authority and trustworthy directories which are particularly in your niches.
  • Don’t go to the other niches to increase your linking factor it will harm your site itself.
  • Release the credible news and ping it with the other sites. Then you can get a link back from the original and authoritative blogs.
  • You build your links by writing testimonials for the business sites.
  • You can ask backlinks for your site from your partners. And other people you know who only have the same niche with high authority.
  • Write a guest post in your niche and get a link back to your site.
  • Recover each and every broken link on your site.


  1. Always Create Separate pages for different keywords:

You can see some sites have the similar keywords in the multiple pages. It is atrocious practice for Google and if you want to avoid the post content penalty you should use this tactic.

Instead, you should start creating different pages for each and every targeted long tail keywords or the short tail keywords. Don’t just think that you used the article spinning and Google bots can’t get me. But that is entirely wrong google will get you. Because the content which you will have on different pages will be similar to the same address and other factors.

So Google will definitively get you and penalize your site. So it always a best practice to maintain the different pages for the each and every keyword. Never use the same keyword for multiple pages.


  1. Google Bombing and Google Washing:

This Google bombing involves the release of the keywords. These are optimized links which are created for performance in search results. Google will use few links to rank highly in its SERP results so don’t just create many links and face a problem with Google. You should only use relevant topic don’t ever use irreverent topics.



These are the grey hat SEO techniques you should avoid or modify. To keep your site safe from the Google Penguin 4.0 update. I hope you all liked this article if you found any doubts with this content then you comment us below.


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