Save $66 on the new Wearbuds fitness watch with built-in wireless earbuds


Tired of forgetting your earphones? This cannot happen if you wear a wearbud.


The Aipower Wearbuds are a faulty product, but it’s also a pretty cool one – and it’s currently available at a hefty discount. Cheapskate readers can score points for a limited time Aipower Wearbuds for $ 113 with promo code CNET66. Regular price: $ 179. It is available in four colors. If you want the black, that’s it same price at Amazon If you cut off the $ 40 on-page coupon and apply the coupon code 5ZGEJ8GY.

The Wearbuds are a chunky, oversized fitness watch that hides a special secret: real wireless earphones that dock and charge inside. It’s a smart idea – one less thing to keep in your pocket, one less thing to forget and one less thing to charge. (You need to charge the watch, of course, but you understand my meaning.)

I’ve been testing Wearbuds in the past few days and wish I could say it’s a home run. It’s not because the watch itself isn’t great. I don’t mind the size because it looks both futuristic and retro, but only offers the most rudimentary fitness functions. Yes, it can do heart rate monitoring, but only when needed (not all day), and my results have been extremely inconsistent.

The real crap? Notifications only arrive in the form of a “new message”. I can’t read an incoming text – I have to pull out my phone. That destroys approximately 93% of the purpose. The thing is that the tiny display has the space and resolution to display text, even though it would be tiny, so I’m not sure why Aipower did this hit.

But here’s the thing: the earphones are pretty darn good. They are AptX-improved and sweat-proof according to IPX6. They can be pulled out (and back on) with a satisfactory click and can be paired with your phone immediately, just like other buds. The sound is rich and balanced, much better than you would expect from a Frankenwearable.

So here is my suggestion. Ignore the fitness features. Imagine this is a shiny wristwatch (which it is) that stores a pair of really decent, truly wireless earbuds (which it does). These features alone could make this a worthwhile purchase for some, especially if you can save $ 67.

Her thoughts?

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Save $66 on the new Wearbuds fitness watch with built-in wireless earbuds 1

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