Save 30% on a 4-pack of Treatlife smart light switches

Treatlife single-pole


Virtually every light in my house is an intelligent light. A combination of smart light bulbs and smart switches With me I can operate the lights in every room, hallway and closet by voice command or mobile app. This experience has taught me an important lesson: It can be quite expensive to replace all the lights and switches in your house. Fortunately, I can relieve this pain a little. You can get one right now Pack of 4 single-pole Treatlife Wifi Smart Light switches for $ 33 if you combine the voucher on the product page with the exclusive Cheapskate discount code FOR1CNET at checkout. Regularly $ 48, that saves you $ 15.

This single-pole switch offers a standard on / off control for every lamp or ceiling fan. The switch glows softly so that you can find it in the dark and is compatible with existing standard wall plates with 1, 2 and 3 groups.

It connects directly to your 2.4GHz WiFi network, so you don’t need a hub to set it up. The app includes automation through countdown timers, scheduled lighting, vacation mode and other features. The switches work with the Treatlife mobile app and can be voice-controlled via Alexa and Google Assistant.

The deal runs until the end of the month – or while stocks last.

Save 30% on a 4-pack of Treatlife smart light switches 1

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