SAP continues to build out customer experience business with Emarsys acquisition – ProWellTech

SAP continues to build out customer experience business with Emarsys acquisition – ProWellTech

SAP appeared to be fully involved in the customer experience when it acquired Qualtrics for $ 8 billion in 2018. It continued this journey today when it announced it would acquire Austrian cloud marketing firm Emarsys for an undisclosed sum of money.

Emarsys, which has raised over $ 55 million, according to PitchBook data, offers SAP customer personalization technology. If you speak to any marketing automation vendor over the past few years, the focus has been on using a variety of data and touchpoints to better understand the customer and deliver more meaningful online experiences.

With the pandemic closing or restricting access to brick-and-mortar stores, personalization has taken on a new urgency as customers increasingly shop online and businesses need to meet them where they are.

With Emarsys, the company is getting an omnichannel marketing solution that is said to be designed to deliver messages to customers wherever they are, including email, mobile, social, SMS and the web, and distribute them at scale.

When SAP announced it would launch Qualtrics a couple of months ago, just 20 months after the purchase, it left some doubt that SAP was fully committed to the customer experience business.

Brent Leary, founder and principal analyst of CRM Essentials, says the acquisition shows that SAP is still very much at stake. “This shows that SAP takes CX seriously and competes in a highly competitive space. Emarsys adds industry-specific customer engagement capabilities that should help SAP CX customers accelerate their efforts to provide their customers with the experiences they expect as their needs change over time, ”Leary told ProWellTech.

Being an ERP company at its core, SAP has traditionally focused on the back office type of operations, but Bob Stutz, president, SAP Customer Experience sees this acquisition as a way to continue bringing back office and front office operations together.

“With Emarsys technology, SAP Customer Experience solutions can connect trade signals with the back office and activate the customer’s preferred channel with a relevant and consistently personalized message, allowing customers the freedom to choose their engagement,” he said. Stutz in a note.

The company, which is based in Austria, was founded in 2000 when marketing was a very different world. It has built a customer base of 1500 companies with 800 employees in 13 offices around the world. All of this will become part of SAP, of course, and will be the responsibility of Stutz.

As with all such transactions, it will be subject to regulatory approval, but the deal is expected to close this quarter.

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