Samsung’s latest Galaxy A phones arrive in the US

Samsung Galaxy A52 1

  • Samsung has unveiled its latest Galaxy A phones in the US.
  • From the Galaxy A02 to the A52 5G, everything will be available, and the A32 will be the company’s first 5G phone for under $ 300.
  • Most models will be available on April 9th, while the A42 5G will hit the market on April 8th. The A02 arrives on April 29th.

You didn’t have to wait long to get mid-range Samsung phones like the Galaxy A52 in the US. Samsung has announced pricing and availability for A-series phones in the country. This is especially good news if you want one of the company’s more affordable devices.

The Galaxy A42 5G comes first, shipping through Samsung and Verizon (Disclaimer: This author also writes for Verizon Engadget) on April 8 for $ 399.99 with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Its 6.6-inch 60Hz AMOLED screen won’t make others jealous, but the Snapdragon 750G chip, 48-megapixel triple rear camera setup, and under-screen fingerprint reader could make it a solid choice.

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The Galaxy A12, A32 5G, and A52 5G will be available from a number of US retailers on April 9, although your choices will vary widely. Of these, only Verizon will wear the A02, while AT&T is leaving the A32 out of its regular lineup – you’ll have to go to cricket, which the A52 doesn’t offer. T-Mobile and its metro service offer everything from this range except for the A02, but US Cellular customers and those who want an unlocked phone must opt ​​for the A02 or A52. Boost and charter customers will have to be content with the A02 if they want a carrier-bound version.

The Samsung Galaxy A02 will be available on April 29th on the company’s website as well as through Boost, US Cellular and Verizon. The Galaxy A72 is noticeably absent from American releases, although this is not surprising when 5G is absent.

US prices start at $ 109.99 for the Galaxy A02 and gradually increase for the A12 ($ 179.99), A32 5G ($ 279.99), and A52 5G ($ 499.99). Samsung is keen that the A32 is the first 5G phone to sell in the country for less than $ 300 – worth mentioning if you don’t mind the MediaTek 720 chip and traditional authentication even though you have a 6, Get 5-inch HD +. 90Hz display at a bargain price.

The highlight of the US list is clearly the Galaxy A52 5G. Similar to last year’s Galaxy A51, it is surprisingly close to the flagship specs despite its medium status. The A52 offers a 120 Hz display, a Snapdragon 750G, 128 GB of storage and IP67 water resistance. While it’s still not as powerful as the S20 FE, which has a Snapdragon 865 and wireless charging, it also saves you $ 200 in official prices. These can be minor sacrifices if you want a phone that will respond with everyday use.

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