Samsung’s first under-display camera might not feature on a phone

Samsung in display camera tech

  • Samsung Display has released a video showing the camera technology under the display on an OLED laptop screen.
  • The technology could first appear on a Samsung laptop with “Blade Bezel”.
  • It’s unclear if and when other laptop manufacturers will adopt the technology.

Under-display cameras haven’t really broken into the smartphone world yet, but we certainly expect to see more of them in 2021. Samsung, for example, is said to have built an under-display camera into the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but we could see the company’s tech debut on laptops before that happens.

Samsung Display posted a video on Weibo that gives us a first look at the sub-display camera technology seen on OLED laptops. The video teases the thinness and lightness of the display and gives us a glimpse of what Samsung Display calls a “transparent camera hole” (machine translated).

The panel shown in the video is only 1 mm thick and weighs 130 g. It might work on what is called a Blade Bezel laptop at first, but the video doesn’t tell if this is the name of a device or just the display.

There is no word about the technical specifications of the camera under the display or details about when / if other laptop manufacturers will use this OLED panel. However, Samsung Display tested new laptop OLED screens earlier this month.

CES 2021 could have been a perfect stage for these panels to debut, but so far none of the laptops featured at the event have an under-display camera. It looks like we might have to wait a little longer to see Samsung’s new technology in action. We found that the selfie camera of the ZTE Axon 20 5G under the display provided images of lower quality than a conventional selfie camera. Hopefully the Samsung solution will provide better results.

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